11 top rated weighted blankets that promise better sleep

Hi, my name is Mariela and I have anxiety … is not the way I ever thought I’d begin a shopping article. I think it’s important you know that though, because if you’ve clicked through to this particular piece, you’re likely to be looking for a salve for your stress, anxiety or insomnia.

You’ve come to the right place.

Perhaps a sign of the times, weighted blankets have risen in popularity in recent years. Not all options are made alike though, with quality materials, even distribution of weight, and exorbitant prices to contend with.


Whether you’re looking for something that is kind to your wallet or want to invest in a premium option on the market, we’ve rounded up some top picks based on our own experience and customer ratings.

OUR PICK: THE BEST OVERALL WEIGHTED BLANKETYnM Weighted Blanket, Amazon Australia, $119

Size:152cm x 203cm


Earning itself an incredible 17,298 five-star reviews on Amazon, this wallet-friendly offering is an easy choice for best overall weighted blanket. It’s weighted inner layer is made from pure cotton, while sewn compartments are filled with hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odourless beads – infinitely more delicate and comfortable than plastic alternatives. Read on for my review – or just take it from this user, whose five-star review states, “If you’re wondering whether to buy this, ask yourself whether you want to feel like a warm, little buritto baby, wrapped just tightly enough every night. If the answer is yes, then I would highly recommend this blanket.”

Mariela Summerhays, Commercial Content Writer

“I don’t mind telling you – my mental health requires deliberate tending to daily. After months of ignoring poor mental health symptoms and failing a bunch of subjects in university, I made a conscious choice to always check in with myself, and heal what needs healing. My medication of choice? Fresh air and writing; regular therapy; medication when necessary; pasta, always.

Sometimes though, despite my best intentions, my tested and true methods of maintaining equilibrium fall to the side – I believe they call it ‘life’ – and I need something to calm me down when it all gets a bit too much.

I was wary of trying a weighted blanket at first. My anxiety can set off feelings of claustrophobia – guys, I swear I didn’t mean to reveal so much in this review – so the idea of kilograms of weight laying on top of me seemed counterintuitive. It was my husband who first purchased this weighted blanket, after suffering a short bout with insomnia. He slept deeply that very first night, and now uses it at the first sign of restlessness with success.

As for me? I think it’s a brilliant investment. I don’t sleep with it most nights – a misaligned spine and tendency to shift to my side makes the weight on my body a bad idea – but can attest to surely feeling calmed after only minutes of wearing this blanket, whether laying in bed or reclining on my couch. Well worth its asking price (and more).”

Rating out of five:★★★★½


RUNNER UP BEST WEIGHTED BLANKETSSilver Ion Weighted Blanket, Calming Blanket, $189 (RRP$299) withcode “XMAS”

Size:121cm x 198cm


“So grateful for my blanket,” one five-star review begins. “From the first use I felt so relaxed and more comfortable than in years. I have insomnia … I sleep deeper and quicker. I love that it’s good for my skin and doesn’t have to be washed as often.”

Perfectly weighted by glass beads, this luxurious, faux mink blanket is an investment not only for your sleep, but also one your skin will benefit from. Unlike other weighted blankets, this Australian designed option is constructed from silver-infused fabric. The presence of silver kills bacteria, certain viruses and mould – minimising the nasties that come up against your face as you dream. Though personally, we love this emerald green hue, it also comes in a neutral grey, should that fit more seamlessly into your bedroom aesthetic.


Oodie Blue Weighted Blanket Bundle, Oodie, $134 (RRP$268)

Size:198cm x 121cm


My niece got an Oodie for Christmas, and after sneaking a try, I can confirm these are the cosiest things you’ll ever put on your body. Vegan-friendly, these generously-sized, sherpa fleece-lined hoodies come as part of this weighted blanket bundle – assured to help you sleep peacefully through the coming cold months. Pick from any of many designs through the link, though just quietly, this avo and toast print is my favourite.

Filled with non-toxic glass beads in separately sewn pockets, the soft-touch, velvet-like, weighted blanket is machine-washable; and in a gorgeous, sky blue, fits seamlessly into any bedroom.


THE BEST WEIGHTED BLANKET FOR COUPLESQueen/King Weighted Blanket, Calming Blankets, $339 (RRP$349)

Save an additional $110 with code “XMAS”

Size:215cm x 198cm


Another offering from Calming Blankets, this couples’ blanket has a 16-tie inner system that ensures weight is evenly distributed across both you and your partner. Five-star reviews report it being “an insomnia gamechanger”, with one user with fibromyalgia, “always in pain”, reporting that they “can sleep right through the night and feel so relaxed. It has stopped my restless legs and I don’t have muscle spasms or cramps during the night either.”

This premium, glass bead-filled weighted blanket can be bought at a heavier 12kg, and in alternative hues of ocean or granite. Minimise time between washes by purchasing a breathable, cotton cover through the link.


THE BEST WEIGHTED BLANKET FOR TRAVELDusty Pink & Floral Weighted Lap Throw, Adairs, $79.99

Size:60cm x 85cm


Homewares brand, Adairs, has produced the ideal weighted blanket for travel, with this non-toxic, glass-filled, weighted lap throw. Clad in a darling, rose hue on one side, and a meadow-inspired floral print to the other, its 2kg weight and carry-on friendly size makes it the perfect travel companion.

11 top rated weighted blankets that promise better sleep


THE BEST AFFORDABLE WEIGHTED BLANKETGiselle Bedding Weighted Blanket, Catch, $31.60

Size:152cm x 203cm


Earning itself a five-star rating from close to 70 reviews – and costing less than $55 – we had to name this option from Giselle Bedding our pick for best affordable weighted blanket. Made from a soft-touch microfibre, a high-density filling of man-made-material and eco-friendly, glass beads create an ideal level of pressure; while leak-proof stitching and a five-layer construction ensures durability and comfort. Bonus? This weighted blanket is machine-washable for the ultimate convenience.


THE BEST WEIGHTED BLANKETS FOR HOT SLEEPERSEcosa Weighted Blanket, Ecosa, $176 (RRP $220)

Size:140cm x 210cm


Beloved for their innovative mattress and pillow designs – find more on their side sleeper-friendly pillows here – Ecosa has designed a cooling weighted blanket, ideal for those of us who sweat in the night. Constructed from self-regenerating, natural bamboo fibre (eco-friendly and naturally hypo-allergenic!), this glass bead-filled blanket has been optimised to give anxiety and insomnia sufferers a peaceful night’s sleep.

Sitting on a five-star ratting with close to 100 reviews, this blanket has earned itself votes of confidence from users including, “Amazing blanket that helps me to fall asleep and reduces my night time anxiety! Great quality and lovely feel fabric.”


THE BEST WEIGHTED BLANKETS FOR KIDSBuzio Weighted Blanket for Kids, Amazon Australia, $51.99

Size:91cm x 120cm


The number one best-selling blanket for kids on Amazon; with a five-star rating from over 130 reviews and a wallet-friendly price tag, this was an easy choice for best weighted blanket for kids. Available in several different designs – cars, dinosaurs and cats – this blanket has a mink-like surface for warmth in colder months, while its flip side is a breathable cotton for when the seasonal Aussie heat sets in. Featuring a seven-layer structure filled with non-toxic glass beads, it can be fastened to familiar quilt covers (for extra comfort), thanks to eight interior corner straps.


Jelly Bean Kids Glow In Dark Weight Blanket, Harris Scarfe, $65.99 (RRP$109.99)

Designed with a six-layer, anti-leakage structure, this glass bead-filled weighted blanket is the ideal comforter for little ones afraid of the dark - its plush cover glows in the dark, the scattered stars throughout emitting a warm glow when the lights are out. Choose between a blush pink and baby blue, and rest assured that your child will sleep soundly with this pick.


BEST WEIGHTED SHOULDER WRAPSThe Weighted Shoulder Wrap, Adairs, $49.99

Size:50cm x 60cm


Honestly, praise the person who came up with this ergonomically-shaped, weighted shoulder wrap. As most of us spend our days leaning towards screens of all sizes – you’re doing it right now, aren’t you? – these polyester and glass bead-filled wraps ease tension and stress naturally at the end of the day. Featuring a five-layer construction for extra comfort and durability, it comes in three attractive designs: charcoal, viola and dusty rose.


Sunny Bay Microwaveable Heating Wrap, Amazon Australia, $73.02

Take your tension and anxiety relief to the next level with this microwavable and freezer-friendly weighted shoulder wrap. Constructed to hug perfectly neck and shoulders, you can pop your wrap in the microwave for instant heat therapy (watch me try this on my next flight), or in the freezer for relief from heat stroke. Sitting just above a four-star rating, one five-star reviewer attested, “After sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours/day or just using your smart phone, my neck would sometimes hurt. Heating pads just don’t fit properly, but this heated pad does the trick … instant relief.”



Though success is dependent on the individual and their specific conditions, weighted blankets have been reported by some users to minimise effects of stress and anxiety; one of the most significant ones being loss of sleep. The considerable weight applied across the entire body emulates the treatment offered by deep pressure stimulation and massage therapy, used to relax the nervous system. However, if you’re experiencing anxiety and stress, it’s important to always speak to your GP, or a mental health professional, about the options available that could assist you.


The rule of thumb of knowing which weighted blanket you should get is 10 per cent of your body weight. Weighted blankets are strongly discouraged for children under three years of age.


Unless specified by the manufacturer, it is not recommended that you put your weighted blanket through the washing machine. This is because the effectiveness of a weighted blanket is reliant on the even distribution of pressure across your body – a washing machine may make stitching of pockets come loose, allowing the bead filling to move across your blanket.

Instead, spot clean stains on the surface of your weighted blanket; air dry or dry clean; or invest in breathable, cotton covers, that can be removed and washed separately from your weighted blanket.

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If you or a loved one requires mental health support, please contact Lifeline by calling 13 11 14 or head here.

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