AEG washing machines: 5 of the best models and deals

In the market for a AEG washing machine? Whether you want a wifi-connected smart washer, like the idea of doing less ironing, or want to reduce the noise in your home, there’s a machine from AEG that could suit you down to the ground. We’ve made selection easy with our guide to the top models on offer, and we’ll save you time hunting down the best value on the web with links straight through to great deals.

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Capacity: 9kg: Noise: 47dB washing / 75dB spinningEnergy rating: A+++Spin speed: 1600rpmFinish: WhiteDimensions: H85 x W60 x D60.5cm+Smart capabilities+Can be controlled from afar+Lots of programmes+Quiet when in use+Large capacity-Huge price tag

The AEG L6FBG842R freestanding washing machine gets top marks for allergy and quick settings. But what else?

Best features?Weighing of loads ensures this machine can adjust washing times to minimise water and electricity use. It has an Eco TimeSave for an energy-efficient wash that’s as speedy as possible, too. There’s a 20 minute wash for a 3kg load that could get you out of a tight spot, too, and a programme for outdoor items and an anti-allergy cycle among the selection.

The verdictsWe reckon this is a good value buy with a large enough drum size for many family homes, and all the cycles you’d want, including if you have someone with allergies in your household. Although it’s a tad noisier than some of the AEG machines we recommend, it still does very well for quietness.

On the AEG site, it’s an overall 4.5 out of five for the machine from pleased reviewers. They commented on its large door – making access easy – the quietness of the maximum 1400rpm spin, and the effectiveness of the spin in getting clothes as dry as possible.

For those who purchased this model at Currys, the average verdict was 8.8 out of 10 with build quality, ease of use, and the noise level getting the highest ratings. The machine’s users were happy with the clear and easy to operate control panel, the ample washing options, and appreciated the 20 minute quick wash.

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Capacity: 8kgNoise: 47dB washing / 75dB spinningEnergy rating: A+++Spin speed: 1600rpmFinish: WhiteDimensions: H85 x W60 x D57.1cm+Quiet +Easy to use+Spins well

Want a quiet washing machine? The AEG L8FEC866R freestanding washing machine is a good bet.

Best features?This machine’s quieter than many and gets a Quiet Mark accreditation for its prioritisation of noise reduction. It’s designed to dissolve detergent and fabric softener before it goes into the drum for better distribution and cleaning results. You can complete a wash cycle in 59 minutes, too, to save time and energy.

AEG washing machines: 5 of the best models and deals

The verdictIt’s a big thumbs-up from us for this machine’s noise level because even in a utility room, but especially in an open-plan scheme, a washer can be an unmissable presence. This machine is big enough to cope with family loads and doesn’t lack in terms of programmes on offer. If someone in your home has dust mite allergies, you’ll like the cycle that ensures the temperature is constantly above 60°C to get rid of them.

It was full marks from buyers of this machine on the AEG site with five out five stars overall. Reviewers said it was easy to use, found it extremely quiet, and praised the wash results.

On, the score was nearly as enthusiastic with an average of 4.9 out of five. Here, the model’s users mentioned the effectiveness of the spin in getting clothes dry, said it had reduced electricity bills, and found the controls easy to use.

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Capacity: 8kgNoise: 51dB washing / 75dB spinningEnergy rating: A+++Spin speed: 1400rpmFinish: WhiteDimensions: H85 x W60 x D57.1cm+Steam programme+Quiet+Eco settings+20 minute wash

Looking for crease-free clothing? You'll like the AEG L7FEE845R freestanding washing machine.

Best features?Hate ironing? You’ll love the fact that this machine has a steam feature that can be used at the end of a cycle to reduce creasing. It’s also Quiet Mark accredited so should prove a welcome relief from washing noise. You don’t have to choose between saving time or saving energy with this machine. You can select both options together to get a wash that promises to be energy efficient and as speedy as possible.

The verdictsWe like the balance of cost and features this machine achieves. Less creasing and therefore less ironing is welcome, so it gets due credit from us for its steam function, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed by the range of programmes on offer either. The clear display is welcome, too.

Reviews via the AEG site resulted in a five out of five overall rating for this model. The machine’s buyers were happy with a drum large enough to fit pillows and duvets, liked being able to adjust temperatures and lengths of programmes, and found the spin very effective.

On the Currys site, the average rating was 8.9 out of 10 with the machine’s users giving highest marks to its build quality, noise level, and ease of use. The model’s large door – enabling easy loading – 20 minute 3kg wash, and easy programme selection were all acclaimed.

Capacity: 9kgNoise: 47dB washing / 73dB spinningEnergy rating: A+++Spin speed: 1400rpmFinish: WhiteDimensions: H85 x W60 x D60.5cm+Lots of programmes+Tailors cycle time to save energy and water+Leaves clothes soft+Large capacity

Need a family-sized machine? The AEG L9FEC946R freestanding washing machine is your model.

Best features?This machine has a Quiet Mark – awarded to products that prioritise noise reduction – and will keep disturbance down even when it’s part of an open-plan area. It has a filtering system for the water that goes into the drum so detergents and fabric softeners work at maximum efficiency, and it promises to distribute detergent and fabric softener evenly for thorough cleaning. It also weighs each load to tailor the cycle time for effective washing without waste of water and energy.

The verdictsWe think this is a good choice for big families because it will accommodate large loads, and it has useful programmes on top of those you’d expect, including an anti-allergy cycle, and steam refresh. We like the fact that it’s part of the AEG 9000 series, which was voted household appliance product of the year 2018 by consumers, so it’s received the plaudits of everyday users of the machine.

On the AEG site, this model gets a ringing endorsement with five stars out of five overall. Buyers rated design and function most highly. They liked the steam facility, appreciated the machine’s water filtering system for the washing results it gave in terms of softness and freshness of clothes, and found it exceptionally quiet.

Those who bought their machine at John Lewis awarded 4.7 out of five stars overall. Reviewers noted that it had improved the colour of whites, found the control panel easy to navigate, and noted the large capacity drum favourably.