Best bath towel wrap

Which bath towel wrap is best?

After a shower, wrapping your towel around you so you can do your hair and routine isn’t always a safe bet. No matter how tightly you tuck your towel, there’s always a risk it will fall down.

Enter the bath towel wrap. Just like a towel, the material of the wrap absorbs water to dry your skin. Unlike a towel, bath towel wraps stay securely around you with a Velcro closure as you do your hair, your skincare routine or dash into the other room. For an organic cotton wrap, Arus Women’s GOTS Certified Organic 100% Turkish Terry Cotton Bath Wrap is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a bath towel wrap

Bath towel wraps have a two-in-one function. When unfurled, they can be used like a bath towel to dry the skin after a shower or bath. Then, they can be fastened around the body and worn around the house much like a bathrobe. Bath towel wraps also make for excellent cover-ups at the pool or in the gym’s locker room. When not in use, a bath towel wrap can be hung like a regular bath towel on a towel bar or folded for storage in a closet.

A majority of bath towel wraps are made from 100% terry cotton, the same material as most bath towels. This material is absorbent and fast drying. Luxury bath towel wraps are made from Turkish or Egyptian cotton while more affordable ones are made from cotton-polyester blends.

Some bath towel wraps are made from bamboo, an eco-friendly natural fiber. There are also low-cost microfiber bath towel wraps available that offer a fleecy feel. Look for a material that feels soft and comfortable to wear but that also absorbs water and is quick drying.

Bath towel wraps come in men’s, women’s and children’s sizing. Many men’s wraps, which fasten around the waist, come in one size only. Women’s wraps can come in small, medium or large—or combined sizes, like small-medium and large to extra large. You can also find plus-size women’s bath towel wraps.

Girls’ bath towel wraps come in sizing according to age, such as 4 to 14Y — or small, medium and large. Although bath towel wraps have an adjustable closure so a perfect fit isn’t required, it’s always best to take your measurements and compare them with the manufacturer’s size chart.

Women’s bath towel wraps can vary in length: knee length, above the knee or mid-thigh length. Consider how short of a wrap you want. While none offer long lengths like a bathrobe does, some offer more coverage than others. Check the length of a wrap’s measurement while also considering your height. Men’s bath towel wraps typically fall at the knee but do check the length measurements, which can vary by size.

Bath towel wraps stay wrapped around the body with a Velcro strip closure. Of course, you want to find one with a secure hold and tight fit to avoid slippage or unwanted exposure. One of the benefits of a Velcro closure is that it’s adjustable and can be easily tightened or loosened around the waist or chest area.

Best bath towel wrap

What to look for in a quality bath towel wrap

Women’s and girls’ bath towel wraps can feature straps, generally made from the same material as the wrap, which keep the wrap from slipping down. Most girls’ bath towel wraps have straps.

A nice feature that many bath towel wraps offer is a large front pocket. One caveat with placing your phone or other weighty object in your wrap’s pocket is that it can tug the wrap down.

For a skin- and body-friendly wrap, opt for one that’s global organic textile standard (GOTS) certified organic and made from cotton that wasn’t cultivated with harmful pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Organic cotton wraps are, however, the costliest wraps out there.

Some women’s bath towel wraps come with a matching hair wrap, which is designed to be wrapped turban-style around wet hair to help dry it rapidly, and in style.

How much you can expect to spend on a bath towel wrap

Women’s bath towel wraps start at $15 and can cost up to $58. Men’s wraps start at $13 and cost up to $50. Kids’ wraps start at $15 and go up to $39.

Bath towel wrap FAQ

A. For a fast-drying wrap, consider one with a lower grams per square meter, meaning the material is lighter weight and is less dense. Also, choose one with a shorter pile. Cotton-polyester blends tend to dry faster than 100% cotton.

A. In this case, look for a dense material. Look at the loops – they should be firmly packed together and the base of the wrap shouldn’t be visible on a dense towel. The most absorbent fabric is 100% cotton.

What are the best bath towel wraps to buy?

Arus Women’s GOTS Certified Organic 100% Turkish Terry Cotton Adjustable Closure Bath Wrap

What you need to know: A luxurious Turkish cotton bath wrap for women that comes in over a dozen color choices.

What you’ll love: This 100% cotton bath towel wrap is also certified organic, meaning it’s safe for your skin and healthy for the environment. The Turkish cotton gets softer as you wash it. Its lightweight and ample coverage make it good for locker room use. It features a large pocket.

What you should consider: The material can fray and unravel from washings, even when care instructions are carefully followed.

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Turkish Linen Women’s Waffle Spa Body Wrap with Adjustable Closure

What you need to know: This spa-style bath towel wrap has a classic waffle weave and low price point.

What you’ll love: The polyester-cotton blend is lightweight, breathable and fast drying. The wrap comes in over a dozen color choices. The elastic top and sturdy Velcro closure make the wrap highly adjustable for size, and it stays up. It’s perfect for travel or the gym.

What you should consider: The material is on the thin side and there are some reports of the stitching coming apart right away.

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TowelSelections Men’s Wrap

What you need to know: A highly rated towel wrap for men featuring a plush velour exterior and absorbent terry interior.

What you’ll love: The perfect wrap for lounging at the gym or pool. The wrap features a sizable pocket and comes in 10 color choices. The material is absorbent and good quality, and the coverage is modest and ample.

What you should consider: The sizing runs large, and many consumers have to return it for a smaller size.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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