Best pink bath towels

Which pink bath towels are best?

Nothing beats a soft, warm towel at the end of a relaxing shower, except a towel that’s also made from 100% quality cotton so it’s highly absorbent. If it’s pretty and looks great in your bathroom, all the better. A pink bath towel that checks all these boxes is Welhome Premium 100% Egyptian Cotton Towel Set, making this set an excellent choice.

What to know before you buy pink bath towels

The most common material used to make bath towels is cotton. Synthetic fibers are also used, either alone or as part of a cotton blend, but these towels are less absorbent than 100% cotton.

Terry cloth is the typical fabric used for American towels. The loops of fiber in a terry cloth weave increase the surface area available for water absorption, making the towels soft and thick. Waffle weave towels are flatter, thinner and lighter. Since they don’t use as much material as a terry towel, they become saturated with water more quickly. Even so, they dry faster and they fold down much smaller, taking up less storage space.

GSM stands for grams per square meter, and it’s a measure of how dense the fibers are in the fabric. GSM ratings typically range from 450-900, with more expensive towels having higher numbers.

There’s no standard “pink” for bath towels, so you’ll have to do some searching if you’re looking to match a particular shade. Keep in mind that the colors you see on your computer screen aren’t guaranteed to match the color of the towels you receive. Marketers and manufacturers do their best, but it’s impossible to control for all the variations in computer monitors and screen settings.

What to look for in quality pink bath towels

An all-cotton bath towel remains your best bet. Egyptian, Turkish or Pima (aka Supima) give you the finest quality. Manufacturers often try to cut costs by incorporating synthetic fibers into their towels. If you find a label that says “Made with Egyptian cotton” or something similar, watch out — there’s probably some polyester in there as well, making this a much less enjoyable towel. Opt for towels that are labeled 100% cotton.

It’s usually a better deal when you purchase your towels in a set. Sometimes you can find sets containing multiple bath towels, but often there are matching hand towels, washcloths, bath mats or bath sheets. There’s no standard configuration for what’s in a set. Shop around and you might find exactly what you need at a good price.

How much you can expect to spend on pink bath towels

When purchased as a set, 100% cotton bath towels can be found for less than $10 per towel. High-end towels can go as high as hundreds of dollars.

Pink bath towels FAQ

A. A bath sheet is larger than a bath towel. Sizes aren’t standardized, and you can find bath sheets anywhere from 36-40 inches wide by 59-72 inches long. Bath towels are typically around 28 inches by 54 inches.

Best pink bath towels

A. The best number really depends on your preference. Higher GSM numbers in the range of 650-900 are typically associated with more expensive towels. These towels are denser and should be more absorbent. They’re also heavier — uncomfortably so for some people — and can take longer to dry.

What are the best pink bath towels to buy?

Welhome Premium 100% Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

What you need to know: These soft, absorbent bath towels with a unique popcorn texture come in a set of four.

What you’ll love: The gentle blush color and popcorn texture are a subtle change from typical pink bath towels. The towels are 100% cotton and 600 GSM for good absorbency without being too heavy. They’re machine-washable.

What you should consider: This is a set of four towels, so make sure you have space in your linen closet. Although highly rated, some customers report quality issues and unraveling.

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Amazon Basics Luxury Performance Bath Towel

What you need to know: A bold “dusted orchid” color highlights this inexpensive but decent-quality towel.

What you’ll love: Amazon offers another set of Amazon Basics bath towels for an even lower price, but this luxury version has a higher GSM (650) for a softer, more absorbent towel. Both are 100% cotton and certified to meet environmental standards.

What you should consider: These towels likely use short-staple cotton, and some customers complain of loose threads after washing, so durability might not be the best.

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Madison Park Spa Waffle Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set

What you need to know: For a change of pace, consider these stylish 100% cotton waffle weave towels.

What you’ll love: Soft, absorbent 600 GSM 100% cotton defines this towel set, which includes two bath towels, two washcloths and two hand towels. The pale pink hue is attractive and will match a variety of decor. This towel set is machine-washable and OEKO-TEX certified.

What you should consider: Some buyers experienced fraying after only a few washes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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