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Which yoga towel is best?

Whether you are a regular yoga practitioner or just starting your practice, having the right yoga supplies is a must. Yogis often underestimate just how sweaty they can get during a one-hour yoga session. Because of that, it’s a good idea to invest in a yoga towel that goes over your mat to help eliminate slipping and sliding.

The Heathyoga Nonslip Yoga Towelis a top choice because of its soft, sweat-wicking microfiber that soaks up sweat like a sponge.

What to know before you buy a yoga towel

Towels designed to accompany a yoga practice usually are microfiber, which absorbs more moisture than regular towels. Additionally, it’s much softer, thinner and lighter than other towels, making it easy to carry.

Microfiber is composed of tiny polyester, nylon and other synthetic materials, but there are more eco-friendly options made from bamboo and recycled plastic water bottles.

Additionally, there are yoga towels that offer a cooling element; but keep in mind that those might not stick to your mat as well as the others.

Yoga towels should have enough grip to stay in place on your mat and avoid slipping. Many towels have little rubber nubs on the bottom, ensuring the mat sticks to the towel. Other towels are more subtle, double-sided and layered, with microfiber on top and a sticky backing to keep them in place. If you can’t find a towel without built-in grips, try one that is textured.

If your towel has trouble sticking, spray a light mist of water on the towel so it will stick better.

Yoga mats come in a standard size, which remains consistent for yoga mats, as well. A typical yoga mat is 68 by 24 inches. However, some mats are designed to be a bit larger to accommodate taller users, which usually measure at 72 by 24 or 26 inches wide.

Ideally, your yoga towel should be the same size as your mat. For the best fit, measure your mat. If your towel is too short, that will defeat the purpose of using it.

What to look for in a quality yoga towel

Whether you are practicing hot yoga or just have a slippery mat, there are three key features that make a towel stand out.

Although most towels are thin and light, there can be a noticeable difference in how much padding they provide. If you need some extra cushioning, look for a thicker towel. Keep in mind that any good-quality yoga towel should be at least 1.5 millimeters thick.

Pockets aren’t just for leggings anymore. Some towels are designed with corner pockets to provide that extra layer of protection, letting you slip the mat into the corners. These help keep the mat in place to prevent slipping.

Yoga towels come in a variety of colors and designs. A towel that has a pattern will have a longer life because stains and foot marks are less likely to show. If you’re going for a solid color, pick one on the darker side to avoid visible stains, but keep in mind that shedding dry skin tends to show up clearer on a dark hue. It’s also a good idea to choose a towel that is free of harsh dyes to avoid irritation.

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How much you can expect to spend on a yoga towel

Yoga towels can cost as little as $15 and as much as $58. The most expensive towel is not necessarily the clear choice; however, the towels at the lowest end of the scale tend to be lower in quality.

Yoga towel FAQ

A. Even though your beach and bath towels are designed to absorb moisture, they aren’t the correct size for your yoga mat. Additionally, towels created specifically for yoga dry a lot quicker since they are made from microfiber. Because they are lighter, they are easier to toss in your gym bag.

A. Read the laundering label before you toss your towel in the wash. Some fabrics can shrink with high heat, so be mindful before you wash with hot water and throw it in the dryer. Avoid washing grippy towels with clothing. Underwear and socks like to cling. Try not to leave your towel wet and crumpled up for any length of time because it can start to hang on to odors. Lastly, avoid fabric softener, as it will clog up the moisture-wicking ability of the towel.

What’s the best yoga towel to buy?

Heathyoga Nonslip Yoga Towel

What you need to know: This is the best all-around towel for practitioners who like to sweat.

What you’ll love: It has corner pockets to keep it in place. The more you sweat, the easier it stays. It is amazingly absorbent.

What you should consider: Because of its composition, it can shrink in the dryer. It’s best to air-dry this towel.

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IUGA Nonslip Yoga Towel

What you need to know: This microfiber towel has pockets and comes with an accompanying hand towel as well as a spray bottle.

What you’ll love: It’s nonslip and does a great job of decreasing the dampness created during a heated yoga class.

What you should consider: This towel tends to run a bit big so even with the pockets, it might require a little bit more maintenance to keep it from moving.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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Chill Pal Ultimate Mesh Cooling Towel

What you need to know: This breathable mesh towel is the perfect companion for any yogi who wants to stay cool.

What you’ll love: This towel fits loosely around the neck to provide relief from the heat.

What you should consider: This towel works best to keep the body cool as opposed to keeping the mat dry.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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