Luxome Launches New High-Performance Luxury Towels

BIRMINGHAM, Mich., Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- With more Americans focusing on self-care and on making their home a sanctuary from daily stressors, there's never been a better time to elevate bathroom essentials than at the start of the new year. In fact, according to experts, after two years, you'll want to invest in new towels to enjoy optimal absorbency and softness – especially if your current towels aren't made with high quality fabrics. Enter the fast-growing direct-to-consumer bedding and comfort brand, Luxome, using its expertise in meticulous craftsmanship, unique innovation and ultimate comfort to break into the bath category with two new towel collections – Plush Performance and Spa. Unlike other towels on the market, the new items offer features like patented technology, premium quality and luxurious materials for unparalleled comfort and an efficient drying experience. The Plush Performance and Spa Collections are both available now exclusively on

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In recent years, innovation in the towel space has been scarce as a majority of the market is made up of 100 percent cotton towels. Through rigorous testing, Luxome found that cotton alone does not have the best properties for an ideal bath towel, as it stays wet for a long time, can develop an unpleasant odor, discolors over time and gets scratchy after many washes. By combining cotton with other unique fabrics and using advanced construction techniques, Luxome was able to create bath towels that not only feel better than 100 percent cotton, but also perform far better. Now, Luxome's new Plush Performance and Spa Collections are marrying both luxurious, soft materials with quick drying technology for the perfect towels and an exceptional drying experience.

Featuring Luxome's new patented dual-loop technology, the Plush Performance line is a ribbed design that works to absorb more water and dry quicker – drying 30 percent faster than cotton terry towels – while staying soft and plush for hundreds of washings. Performance meets luxury as the patented dual-loop technology works by absorbing moisture from skin into the outer loop, then quickly absorbing that moisture into the inner loop which works to quickly evaporate water, effectively drying the towel as you pat down skin. This ultra-soft and absorbent towel provides long-lasting performance and durability and is ranked Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®– establishing that every component of the towel collection was tested for harmful substances and determined to be harmless for human health.

For supreme softness and indulgence, the new Luxome Spa Collection features 60 percent bamboo viscose (highest available) for a silky, luxurious feel combined with the pillowy softness of 40 percent cotton, offering high-performing absorbency as you dry. It's easy to transform your bathroom routine into a spa-like experience with these skin-comforting towels that are also naturally moisture-wicking and odor resistant.

 Luxome Launches New High-Performance Luxury Towels

"Luxome's mission has always been to improve and elevate home comfort items that are lacking in craftsmanship, quality and modernized design, and while we've been able to do that in the sleep space, we're thrilled to now be venturing into transforming products in the bath category," said Luxome Founder, Hyaat Chaudhary. "We came to realize that the towel space specifically had been dormant in recent years with the same type of product materials on the market, which inspired us to create towels that feel better, absorb better and dry faster than 100 percent cotton. After much testing and development, we're thrilled to be able to offer quality high-performance towels for consumers that can outperform the most popular towels currently available."

Both the new Luxome Plush Performance and Spa Towel Collections will be offered for purchase in a variety of sets:

The Luxome Plush Performance towels range from $105 to $140 and are available in five different colors – Fossil (dark grey), Oyster (beige), Sail (bright white), Harbor (dark blue) and Pebble (light grey). The Luxome Spa Collection towels range from $90 to $110 and are available in eight different colors – Marine (dark blue), Lagoon (dark teal), Salmon (dusty pink), Pier (dark brown), Driftwood (creamy beige), Anchor (smoky grey), Mist (light grey) and Pearl (creamy white). Great for gifting, each towel set also comes beautifully packaged in a premium recyclable craft branded box with tissue, branded ribbon and instructions tag.

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About LuxomeLuxome is a DTC luxury bedding and comfort brand dedicated to providing elevated sleep and self-care through products born from exceptional craftsmanship and unrivaled innovation. With consumers being underserved in the home goods category, Luxome uses rigorous product development to create superior products that feature the highest quality materials, offer superior functionality and give you a luxurious comfort experience. First known for their calming Weighted Blankets made from premium fabrics and constructed to have an optimized weight for any and every body, Luxome is known for helping people reduce stress and sleep better. The brand is now expanding into new home categories to continue to revolutionize the space. Understanding that every person has unique self-care habits and experiences, Luxome's mission is to deliver one-of-a-kind products that defy the ordinary.