Mrs Hinch fans swear by £1.50 hack to get old towels feeling 'softest they've ever been'

After a bath or shower, nothing feels more luxurious than drying off with a soft, fluffy towel before slipping on your favourite pyjamas and crawling into clean bedding.

But if you've had your towels for a while, they might not be feeling as good as they once did.

After going through the wash, towels can end up feeling stiff and rough against the skin, which isn't ideal.

However, it turns out there might be a way to restore your towels to their former glory - and it will cost you under £2 to do so.

Fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have been sharing their top tips on social media and one recent Facebook post shared a hack they 'swear by' for bringing life back to their towels.

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Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, a user wrote: "Anyone have any tips on how to bring towels back to life please?"

One person replied: "Wash them with a splash of white vinegar."

Mrs Hinch fans swear by £1.50 hack to get old towels feeling 'softest they've ever been'

Another said: "I always use white vinegar when washing my towels. It makes them super soft. Honestly, I swear by it."

A third posted: "Cap full of white vinegar, dry on the line and then put in the tumble dryer for 10 minutes."

Someone else advised: "My mum swears by white vinegar and she has the softest, fluffiest towels."

While a different user added: "Mine are normally stiff but I’ve been putting white vinegar in the wash with them recently and they have come out fluffy and the softest they have ever been."

Others encouraged people not to be put off by the smell of vinegar, as it won't leave your towels smelling bad.

White vinegar - which it's important to note is different from your average malt vinegar that goes on chips - can be used to clean a number of different items around the home - from removing stains on the carpet when made into a solution with warm water and washing up liquid to descaling kettles.

Prices for bottles of white vinegar start from £1.50 online and vary.

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