Shopping Edit – 10 stylish laundry baskets to hide your washing

Searching for a new laundry basket? Whether yours is looking a little worse for wear or perhaps you’re redecorating your bathroom and want something to incorporate your new style? Here are our top finds – all available online. A laundry basket that’s both pretty and practical will prove itself to be the finishing touch in any bathroom, especially if said laundry basket is going to be on display.

Shopping Edit – 10 stylish laundry baskets to hide your washing

Whether for holding your used towels or hiding your dirty clothes – or both – these designs have been handpicked by the Ideal Home team thanks to their practical design, their durable construction and most of all: their striking look. Our selections include everything from laundry baskets with lids to wicker laundry baskets, and even options with sections to separate your dark washing from your white clothes. To make tackling that monstrous pile of washing a tad easier.

You can, of course, use any of these laundry baskets inside your bedroom or utility room, or even style them in the kids’ bedroom thanks to their stylish look. Otherwise, some of them can be used to store more than your dirty clothes but even toys, throws and anything else you don’t want to be on display.

Complete your bathroom (or bedroom!) with help from our guide, and don’t miss our bathroom storage ideas piece for more ways to maximise your space. Otherwise, give your bathroom an extra refresh and invest in the best bath towels that money can buy – you won’t regret it!

The best laundry baskets – for style and practicality