The Best Bath Towels on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Not everyone has the budget for the fancy Frette towels you find in five-star hotels, but that doesn’t mean you want yours to be any less indulgent. You still deserve so-soft-you-could-sleep-on-them towels, just maybe at a cheap-beach-towel price. To help you find all the towels you could want — from plush to luxury-like to even quick-drying — for no more than $75 per set, we scoured Amazon to bring you the best bath towels, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers. And once your bathroom is set, we’ve got you covered for beach towels, hair towels, and bathrobes, too.

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Best-rated bath towels

AmazonBasics 6-Piece Fade-Resistant Bath Towel Set$27now 22% off4.6 stars, 52,669 reviews$21for 6

Nearly 38,000 reviewers give this six-piece set from AmazonBasics five stars. “This set of towels can easily compete with any retail set of towels except I didn’t have to go face the masses,” says one such reviewer. Another reviewer, who admits she “didn’t have high hopes for these,” changed her mind, calling them, “really, really nice. They’re nice enough to have on display but cheap enough to use every day.” One happy shopper even thinks these are the “best towels we’ve ever owned,” adding that “they are thick and soft and high quality.” Because of the price, many were concerned about how they’d last after washing, but this reviewer assures that they can survive: “These have held up great the last month. No fading or bleeding onto our white dish towels and our lint trap in the dryer has not been full of black lint from these.”

$21for 6 at AmazonBuy

Best-rated (less expensive) bath towels

AmazonBasics Quick-Dry Bath Towels$23now 13% off4.5 stars, 25,236 reviews$20for 2

“These towels mark the end of a long search for towels that are quick-drying and high quality. They don’t get the mildew smell that our other heavier towels got and are extremely lightweight. However, they are the most absorbent towels that we have tried,” writes one reviewer who has tried three different “quick-drying” towels prior. At least one reviewer says this cotton dries as quickly as microfiber, “but without all the scratchy, dry-skin feeling.” And many more were pleasantly surprised by the quality, especially given the price. “They are noticeably more absorbent than the super lux ‘resort hotel’ type towels that cost $50 each,” says one reviewer. Another calls them “Goldilocks towels” because they’re “just right,” not too thin or thick.

$20for 2 at AmazonBuy

Best Egyptian cotton bath towel set

Pinzon 6-Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set4.6 stars, 17,368 reviews$31for 6

Thousands (upon thousands) of reviewers describe this Egyptian cotton towel set as “soft.” One loves that these towels are not only “soft to the touch,” but they also “look great and are very absorbent.” Though another notes that they “aren’t so thick that they take forever to dry in the dryer.” The quality of these towels comes up in many reviews. “I just received these, but I did wash them first and they held up better than my towels I got as a wedding gift from Bed Bath & Beyond,” writes one reviewer, adding, “They are so much better in quality then the ones I had.” A few complain that these towels give off a lot of fuzz, especially in the dryer, but one concludes, “It doesn’t give off any more fuzz than other new towels I’ve bought. All towels lose a lot of fuzz the first few times you dry them. They are good sized, soft, and pretty.”

$31for 6 at AmazonBuy

The Best Bath Towels on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Best Turkish cotton bath towels

Chakir Turkish Linens 4-Piece Turkish Cotton Luxury Towel Set$37for 4$47now 21% off4.4 stars, 285 reviews$37for 4

“I needed Turkish versus Egyptian cotton to allow towels to dry between uses. These were a score,” writes one reviewer from Florida. And according to another non-Florida-based reviewer, “These are real Turkish towels. The best I’ve ever seen.” One even thinks these thinner, Turkish towels are hotel-room-worthy, commenting, “I absolutely love the plush feeling and professionalism by which this towel was made.” And though many reviewers were skeptical that they’d produce a lot of fuzz, one reviewer reassures those reading, “They are fluffy and very durable. Did not shed at all.” One more chimed in to say that after having them for five years, “these towels are still going strong.” She even notes that she’s “never had towels last this long, and these have been washed regularly in hot water and bleach.”

$37for 4 at AmazonBuy

Best waffled cotton bath towels

Gilden Tree Premium Waffle Weave Bath Towels 2 Pc Set4.4 stars, 587 reviews$60for 2

Waffled cotton is a lightweight, fast-drying, and more mildew-resistant alternative to terry cotton, which is what convinced dozens of reviewers to make a permanent switch to this textured set. One reviewer, who was struggling to thoroughly dry towels between showers, “resulting in towels that quickly smelled like mildew,” says “these are wonderful and dry quickly. They absorb well and are better after each wash!” Another reviewer was even able to convert their husband — “a terry cloth, fluffy towel diehard” — to waffled cotton after purchasing these. They like that the towels are “soft, absorbent, very large, and wash well,” but once again, what’s best is that they “dry so quickly that I haven’t had a smelly towel yet!” And a third reviewer called out yet another benefit: “The slight texture of the waffles gives a delightful sensation when scrubbing yourself dry. It’s a pleasure, totally different from the supersoft fluffy towels.”

$60for 2 at AmazonBuy

Best textured cotton bath towels

Great Bay 100% Cotton Quick-Dry Bath Towel Set$42for 4$55now 24% off4.4 stars, 2,705 reviews$42for 4

Hundreds of reviewers love the look and feel of these lattice-woven cotton bath towels, which are plusher than the waffled cotton ones above but still fast-drying. One reviewer was looking for a bath towel that “wasn’t too thick or too thin or too soft,” and says these “fit the bill perfectly … They are thick enough to dry yourself completely, have enough texture to actually absorb the water instead of simply spreading it around on your body, and after multiple washings, they are holding up well … A+ in my book.” Another reviewer says they’re exactly what they needed for their bathroom, as they’re both functional and nice to look at. The quilted texture “adds a little bit of extra style to the towels. Highly recommend!”

$42for 4 at AmazonBuy

Best organic cotton bath towels

BIOWEAVES 100% Organic Cotton 700 GSM Plush 6-Piece Towel Set$65for 6 4.7 stars, 153 reviews$65for 6

Reviewers looking for a well-priced set of organic-cotton bath towels were delighted by this Bioweaves set. One, who found them after a “difficult” search, says they’re “a great price for organic cotton. They are soft, plush, absorbent, and a great size.” And a second reviewer loves their Goldilocks feel. “They feel so nice! Not too heavy, not too light. The towels are soft, but they have a texture to them that I would describe as ‘natural feeling,’” they write, adding that they’d previously “bought towels that cost twice as much, and these were better.” They’re also very durable, according to a third reviewer. “They wash up well and keep their quality,” they write. “Just what I was hoping for.”

$65for 6 at AmazonBuy

Best patterned cotton bath towel set

Amrapur Overseas Trefoil Filigree 6 Piece Reversible Yarn Dyed Jacquard Towel Set$30for 6$35now 14% off4.6 stars, 4,547 reviews$30for 6

This patterned bath-towel set from Amrapur Overseas delights reviewers, with one appreciating how it “adds a touch of elegance to my bathroom.” “It’s nice to see a set of towels with a pattern to them and not be just one solid color,” writes another, who also notes that the “beautiful” set is “very soft and absorbent.” Lots of other reviewers own multiple sets, including one who appreciates that these “look great, [have a] fun design, and are thick.” And another, who calls these “elegance on a budget,” calls the towels “GORGEOUS. I have the mocha, light blue, gold, and I’m about to buy the grey! I absolutely love them.”

$30for 6 at AmazonBuy

Best extra-large bath towels

Utopia Towels Extra Large Bath Towels$31for 2 4.6 stars, 16,993 reviews$31for 2

Many claim these extra-large bath towels strike a nice balance between plush, hotel-like towels and thin, quick-drying towels. “I don’t like thin flimsy towels nor do I like them incredibly thick. These are perfect,” explains one. Another says that the thinness of these towels is actually a perk, explaining that they’re “not the annoying super thick, overly plush kind, but the kind that absorb water and stay wrapped around you easily.” One reviewer agrees, noting, “It would be heavy and hard to wash and dry if it were super plush.” Many fawn over the extra-large size, as well. “If you want a lighter-weight quick-drying towel that is extra extra large with bright colors and a very inexpensive price, this is the towel for you,” raves one.

$31for 2 at AmazonBuy

Best luxury bath towels

Superior Egyptian Cotton Solid Towel Set$40now 5% off4.5 stars, 7,936 reviews$38for 2

“Want a little luxury in your life? These towels are just that: luxurious,” praises one reviewer of these bath towels that he calls “a little bit of heaven … I have stayed in high-dollar hotels (back in the ‘good old days’) that didn’t have towels anywhere as nice as these.” At least one other reviewer has a quasi-religious experience with these towels, writing, “Honest to God, these are right up there with a luxury auto or prestige Champagne. Probably the best value to pamper yourself for a year or two I can think of. Comparable to a single malt scotch, a dry-aged steak or a Cuban cigar, these towels are one of life’s great pleasures.” Dozens of other reviewers compare these towels to life’s greatest luxuries, including one customer who says they’re “fluffy and fantastic” and would be found at “the finest hotels and spas.” Another says that “nothing compares. Reminds me of a Ritz Carlton hotel towel.”

$38for 2 at AmazonBuy

Best plush bath towels

White Classic Store 4-Piece Large Luxury Towel Set4.4 stars, 7,772 reviews$50for 4

Dozens of reviewers describe these towels as “fluffy,” like one who says they’re “so soft and thick, like drying off in a warm fluffy cloud. No comparison to other towels. I will never use anything else than these towels.” Another reviewer describes them as “luxury five-star hotel type towels,” adding that “they are the softest and most water absorbent towels I’ve ever owned in my nearly half a century worth of living.” Some grumble that their dryers were filled with lint after washing, but one sets the record straight: “The lint trapper gets filled with lint, but my old towels that were anything but fluffy did the same thing. They don’t shed at all, or fall apart, and after one wash, I felt that they were ready to use.”

$50for 4 at AmazonBuy

Best bamboo bath towels

Ariv Collection 4-Piece Bamboo Cotton Bath Towel Set$30now 7% off4.6 stars, 11,487 reviews$28for 4

“I had never used bamboo/cotton blend before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Wow — these bath towels are fabulous,” writes one reviewer. “They are soft on my skin and very absorbent,” they add, and nearly a quarter of reviewers agree about the texture. Another writes, “They are large and very absorbent, do not just smear the water all over you leaving you feeling cold,” though they do add, “They aren’t super thick and plush, but that is ok because they get the job done.” The bamboo cotton also means “they do not get a stinky smell at all like some towels do,” according to one reviewer. And even though they might not be lint-free out of the box, “There was absolutely no lint after that initial laundering,” according to one reviewer. They add, “The towels have remained soft after laundering, are super absorbent, aren’t stiff and cumbersome when drying off.”

$28for 4 at AmazonBuy

Best microfiber bath towels

Polyte 4-Piece Microfiber Quick Dry Towel Set$32now 9% off4.1 stars, 6,441 reviews$29for 4

More than 60 percent of reviewers give this highly absorbent microfiber material five stars. One reviewer explains, “Microfiber works like a static vacuum, pulling molecules into it and leaving the surface clean and dry.” They continue, “They do not need to be thick like cotton towels since they are designed to pull water molecules in, and therefore allows the towel to dry faster, limiting the possibility for bacterial growth.” In fact, dozens of reviewers describe this towel as either thin or lightweight. One even says, “I’d never thought ‘thin’ would be a word I used to describe the perks of a towel, but even the fluffiest towels have never gotten me this dry.” Beyond drying your body, one reviewer says, “I would really recommend these if you have curly or wavy hair since it will not mess with the integrity of your strands,” and another notes, “They are excellent for drying the dog after a bath since they are so soft and absorbent.”

$29for 4 at AmazonBuy

Best 6-piece microfiber bath towels

JML 6-Piece Microfiber Bath Towel Set4.6 stars, 3,081 reviews$40for 6

This microfiber towel got top marks from reviewers looking for a quick-drying towel that was still soft. “I wish I had thought of using microfiber towels sooner. I can’t believe I’ve been using traditional cotton towels my whole life,” one reviwer laments, adding, “Basically I can use these towels for a week or longer and I never have to worry about them even starting to smell like traditional towels would after a few days.” Another reviewer, who specifically wanted quick-drying towels to “cut down on laundry,” is thrilled with these, explaining, “I expected to toss it in the wash super fast, like all the other towels we’ve owned. It dried on the shower curtain bar within an hour or so.” One admits that they “feel weird to use at first,” describing the experience like “trying to dry yourself with velvet,” but she eventually came around, saying, “ If you can get past that, they rock.”

$40for 6 at AmazonBuy

Best 8-piece bath towel set

Utopia Towels 8-Piece Towel Set$28now 18% off4.5 stars, 38,324 reviews$23for 8

Many reviewers admit to being skeptics when first purchasing this towel set, because of the low price, but upon receipt they realize they were “greatly mistaken,” as one writes. “This product is very soft and has excellent absorption. It dries very quickly and is durable.” Others are equally as impressed, but more than 10 percent of reviewers recommend washing them first for the best result. “When I got these for Christmas they felt rough and scratchy,” one says. “was a little disappointed, but I thought I would give them a chance anyway. I put them through the wash, and they came out the softest things I have ever felt.” Another who thought they were thin at first glance says they “fluffed up” after the first wash. And perhaps the most telling sign that these are a good investment is many reviewers note that they plan on buying more. One even says, “I have already ordered two more sets and plan to order the four-pack of towels next.”

$23for 8 at AmazonBuy

Best bath sheet

Cotton Paradise 40x80 Inches Jumbo Size Bath Sheet4.5 stars, 25,048 reviews$30

“The word ‘Jumbo’ is inadequate – these towels are HUMONGOUS,” writes one reviewer of this bath sheet, which gets top marks from many other reviewers for its size. “I’m a plus-size girl, and I can almost wrap this sheet around me twice,” one writes. Another six-foot four-inch tall reviewer says, “I get fully dried off in less time than with smaller towels, and the towel feels like it has barely gotten wet.” And according to a few, this bath sheet is so big it can be used for more than just daily bathing. Another says it’s so big, “I’m using this as a protective seat cover for our loveseat. It’s long enough to cover the seat and armrests and washes up great.” A third even notes it fits “over a nice area rug to protect it from our dog who likes to sleep there.”

$30at AmazonBuy

Best bath towel wrap

TowelSelections Women’s Wrap, Shower & Bath, Terry Spa TowelFrom$244.5 stars, 2,969 reviews From$24

As far as towel wraps go, this cotton option from TowelSelections was a runaway favorite among reviewers. “Words cannot express how much I love this towel wrap. The velcro fits comfortably and it comes in a variety of color options. What I like the most about this towel is that it has the same warmth and cushion of a huge towel without the extra weight,” writes one who bought this specifically because it claimed to be lightweight. Another says this towel is “thick enough to be cozy and absorbent but not bulky and scratchy.” One reviewer was “fed up” with having to fix her bath towel constantly but was concerned towel wraps wouldn’t fit: “I was hesitant because I thought it might be too big for me, but for reference I am 4’11” and 95 pounds, and the XS fits perfectly.”

From$24at AmazonBuy

Best bath towel for travel

Cacala Turkish Bath Towel$25now 8% off4.6 stars, 3,519 reviews$23

Frequent travelers love this Turkish bath towel, though nearly 3,000 reviewers give it five-star rating. One calls it “the best thing to happen to my travel bag,” because it’s an “amazing quick-drying, super light towel on the trail, a great blanket on the plane, fantastic beach blanket and then scarf in the city.” Another reviewer likes that it “packs down very small,” while many others appreciate that this towel doesn’t start to smell even after traveling for long periods of time. “Our traditional towels, no matter how new, always ended up with the musty, mildew scent after steady use. What I love about these the most is that the nasty smell doesn’t become an issue — probably due to the thin fabric,” writes one. Another likes that “it doesn’t get stinky as fast as a thick towel,” but is “absorbent, and it is nice and large, so I can dry myself quickly.”

$23at AmazonBuy

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