The Best Maytag Washing Machines of 2022

Maytag washing machines are a popular choice for laundry rooms nationwide. With over a century of appliance-manufacturing experience, the brand has earned a reputation for its dependable and effective models.

Once you’ve decided on the Maytag brand, there are multiple washers from which you can choose. The best washing machines provide a powerful and efficient clean, and there are plenty of options from Maytag to get the job done right. Read on for the best Maytag washing machines to get your laundry fresh and pristine.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Maytag Washing Machine

When choosing the best washing machine for your home, consider the washer type, size, cycle options, wash-basket material, and efficiency. As a longtime leader in the appliance industry, Maytag offers washing machines with a range of functions for a smarter, easier, or more effective laundry process, so also keep in mind smart capabilities and additional convenient features.

Start your decision by considering the two types of washing machines: front load and top load. As the name suggests, a front-loading machine’s door is on the front, while a top-loading washer opens from the top.

Front-loading machines are powerful cleaners but gentle on fabrics. They have a space-saving design and tend to clean better, while also usually using less water and energy than top-loading machines.

Traditional top-loading machines are still a favorite choice for many, though. It’s easier to load top-loading machines or add clothes mid-cycle. Top-loaders also tend to have fewer problems with mold, mildew, and musty smells.

Front-loaders clean by tumbling laundry, whereas top-loading washers use an agitator or an impeller. Top-loading machines with agitators have a tall central post in the washing machine drum that twists back and forth to agitate and clean laundry. Models with impellers have a short cone or disc in the bottom of the wash drum. When paired with optimized water levels, the impeller creates currents that encourage friction (making minimal contact with the clothes) to gently clean dirt and debris from fabric.

A washing machine’s size and capacity are two critical features to consider when shopping. Washers are large appliances, so it’s important to measure the available space before purchase. These machines come in a range of sizes made to fit in small apartments or large laundry rooms.

When shopping for one of the best Maytag washer and dryer sets, one way to save space is by choosing a stacking front-load option. When considering a front-load machine or a stackable set, keep in mind that the machine’s swinging door can be an obstacle. Top-loading machines can’t be stacked, but since they open upward, the door won’t get in the way in a narrow room or closet.

Capacity is another feature to consider. Smaller washer drums are ideal for one- or two-person households, while a sizable washer drum works better for a large household. Washing machine capacity is measured in cubic feet, and most machines can hold from 2 to more than 5 cubic feet of laundry. To put capacity into perspective, a small washing machine tub (about 3.2 cubic feet) can wash around nine full-size bath towels at a time, while a large-capacity machine (over 5 cubic feet) can wash as many as 31 towels at once.

Each Maytag washing machine will offer various wash cycles and temperature settings to clean everything from delicate garments to dirty work clothes. When shopping for a new washing machine, take a peek at the wash-cycle options. Most machines will include a few standard wash cycles, such as normal, delicate, and heavy-duty, often with temperature choices from cold to hot.

Additional cycles can differ from machine to machine. Some cycle options found in Maytag machines include a boosted Extra Power or PowerWash Cycle, which is designed to tackle tougher loads, stains, and odors. A sanitizing cycle is another useful feature to consider, as it uses extra-hot water to cleanse more bacteria and germs from fabrics. For washing lightly soiled fabrics, consider a machine with a quick-wash cycle that cuts down on cleaning time while still getting clothing fresh.

Washing machines need occasional cleaning to get rid of lingering residues or odors. Many new machines have a cleaning cycle that makes this job easier.

Another useful cycle you can find in some Maytag machines is the Fresh Hold option. This setting uses a fan and intermittent tumbling to circulate air through the damp, clean clothes for up to 24 hours after the wash cycle ends. This option prevents clean laundry from getting musty when it’s waiting to be changed over to the dryer.

Washing machine wash baskets (or wash drums) can be made of plastic, steel with a porcelain coating, or stainless steel. Most washing machines in the middle or high price range feature a stainless steel wash basket. (All the Maytag washers on this list use stainless steel.)

Stainless steel is often regarded as the ideal wash-drum material. Stainless steel is strong and can withstand a high spin speed, which means better water extraction. This lends to better drum durability and resistance against stains, odors, scratches, and cracks. Since the wash basket stays smooth and clean, it also won’t cause snags or additional wear on fabrics over time.

Most washing machines have a dispenser for liquid detergent, fabric softener, and bleach. Users fill the dispenser before each wash, and the machine dispenses its contents at the ideal time in the cycle.

Some Maytag machines have an Optimal Dose dispenser that takes this a step further. Also known as a Load & Go dispenser, this mechanism does the measuring (and dispensing) for the user, helping to use the right amount of laundry detergent to get clothes squeaky clean without detergent residue. Plus, some dispensers can store enough detergent for several loads of laundry, so there’s no need to manually add soap to each load. Regardless of the detergent dispensing method, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for each machine.

Washers can incorporate a range of smart functions to make laundry day run smoothly. Smart Maytag washers can integrate into a smart-home system by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Once connected, users can take advantage of the smartphone or tablet app to start or pause a cycle, check the laundry status, set frequently used custom cycles, receive notifications, or troubleshoot select problems.

A washing machine with voice-assistant compatibility can be switched on with a simple vocal command, making it easy to get a load started. This feature is worth considering for those who want to integrate their washer into a robust smart-home system.

An energy-efficient washer can save on power bills, while also reducing the machine’s impact on the environment. For proven energy savings, look for a washing machine with Energy Star certification. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program is used to prove an appliance’s energy efficiency to eco-conscious consumers. Energy Star–rated products are proven to use less energy than standard appliances.

Along with an Energy Star rating, consider a high-efficiency (HE) washing machine. These washers use less water, electricity, and detergent than traditional machines, while still providing an effective clean. For the most eco-friendly choice, look for the HE symbol and be sure to purchase HE detergent.

Our Top Picks

Once you’ve decided on buying a Maytag washing machine, you’ll still have plenty of choices to sort through. We’ve narrowed down the best Maytag washers for a variety of households so you can find the ideal pick for your laundry room.

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A range of convenient features and a reasonable price makes the Maytag 4.5 cubic foot front load machine (model MHW5630HW) a top choice for laundry rooms. Made to break down dirt and tough stains, this front-load washer can handle laundry for the entire family and gets high marks as one of the best Maytag front load washer options.

On top of its 10 cycle options (which include regular, heavy-duty, delicate, bulky item, and Quick Wash), this machine has a useful Extra Power boost setting. This setting fights stains with a dual-temperature wash, which breaks down grime that dissolves in hot water and in cold water, all in one load. For lightly soiled clothes, opt for the Quick Wash cycle, which cleans small loads in just 15 minutes.

This stackable machine also has features for users who can be a little forgetful. A late-add feature offers the chance to add in a forgotten garment mid-cycle. If moving the load to the dryer right away isn’t possible, the 12-Hr Fresh Spin option occasionally cycles the load for up to 12 hours after the cycle ends to prevent wrinkles and musty smells.

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Get the Maytag 4.5 cu. ft. front load washing machine MHW5630HW at The Home Depot, Maytag, or Best Buy.

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A new washing machine is an investment, but even budget-conscious shoppers can find a dependable and long-lasting one. The Maytag 3.8 cubic foot top load washer (model MVWC465HW) falls at the lower end of the price range for the Maytag brand, while still offering excellent reliability and several useful features, making it a solid option in the best Maytag top load washer category.

This machine uses its PowerWash agitator to remove dirt and stains. For especially tough loads, a PowerWash cycle introduces heated water for even better cleaning. Another option is to use the Deep Water Wash setting to fill the basin, so it will only use extra water when it’s really necessary for a good scrub.

For day-to-day laundry needs, this machine also features an Auto Sensing cycle, which adjusts the water level for each load. The Quick Wash cycle is useful for busy days, and it cleans small loads in 30 minutes. Plus, like the other Maytag washers on this list, this machine is made to last. It features a stainless steel wash drum and is backed by Maytag’s limited 10-year warranty.

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The Best Maytag Washing Machines of 2022

The Maytag 5.0 cubic foot front load washer (model MHW8630HW) has a large capacity and a range of features to provide an elevated laundry experience. This 5-cubic-foot front-loading machine is a strong choice for large families, with enough space to clean up to 31 towels at a time. It also comes with smart features, so the user can control the machine from anywhere.

A bevy of useful cycle options make this washer worth its price. On top of its common settings, this machine also features a Sanitize cycle, Quick Wash cycle, and Maytag’s Extra Power setting. It also has an Optimal Dose dispenser, which holds up to eight loads of detergent and adds the right amount of soap on its own.

After cleaning, the 24-Hr Fresh Hold option periodically cycles clothes for up to 24 hours (longer than most other Maytag machines) after the wash cycle finishes to keep clothes wrinkle- and odor-free. To control some of these features, this smart washing machine connects to the Maytag app so users can start or stop the washer remotely, troubleshoot select issues, and receive cycle notifications.

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Get the Maytag 5.0 cu. ft. front load washer MHW8630HW at Walmart, Maytag, Murph’s Appliance, or Gray’s Appliance.

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The Maytag 4.8 cubic foot front load washer (model MHW6630HC) packs some of Maytag’s best washing machine features into one powerful machine. This front-load washer includes the usual convenient cycles found on a midrange Maytag machine (regular, heavy-duty, delicate, or bulky items and a Quick Wash cycle). It also offers other stain- and germ-fighting options beyond common cycles.

This washer has Maytag’s Extra Power setting to boost grime-fighting performance with a dual-temperature wash. This setting is Maytag’s powerful function to tackle stained or odorous loads. For lightly soiled clothes, opt for the Quick Wash cycle, which washes a small load in just 15 minutes.

An effective Sanitize cycle gets rid of up to 99.9 percent of household bacteria. This machine also has a 16-Hr Fresh Hold option, which occasionally circulates the washed load for up to 16 hours (plenty long enough for many households), in case moving it to the dryer right away isn’t an option.

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Those looking for a traditional top-load washer won’t be disappointed with the Maytag 4.2 cubic foot top load washing machine (model MVWC565FW). Following the classic top-loading design, this washer features Maytag’s PowerWash agitator instead of an impeller. Along with the PowerWash cycle, the machine has features that can tackle stubborn stains, crusted-on messes, and everyday dirt and grime.

For an even deeper clean, this Maytag washer has a Deep Water Wash option and a Deep Rinse option. The Deep Water wash option fills the wash basket to its maximum level, ideal for cleaning dirty loads, while the Deep Rinse is excellent for rinsing away detergent and fabric softeners (especially useful for homes with hard water). For washing everyday loads, take advantage of the Auto Sensing feature, which adjusts the water level depending on the load size.

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With a 5.3-cubic-foot capacity, the Maytag 5.3 cubic foot top load washing machine (model MVW7232HW) is an extra-large option for busy households. To make it even more convenient to use, this large top-load washer blends features of traditional top loaders with a smart-enabled, modernized design.

This washer features several convenient Maytag washer functions found in other options on this list. For quick cleaning, a Quick Wash cycle cleans small loads in just 30 minutes. The Extra Power boost option uses a dual-temperature single cycle to tackle all types of stains. Other options to take advantage of include a Sanitize cycle, Deep Fill option, and Wrinkle Control cycle.

Along with the large capacity, the machine’s smart features help households keep up with laundry. Just load the washer in the morning and control it remotely from the smartphone app, which allows for remote start, accessing cycle settings, and receiving notifications. All these features come in a sleek machine with a slow-close glass lid instead of a traditional door.

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The Maytag 4.7 cubic foot top load washing machine (model MVW6230HW) is another top-load washer that combines old and new, with a traditional top-loading design packed with smart features.

This washer offers many of Maytag’s attractive washing machine functions, including an Extra Power boost option, 30-minute Quick Wash cycle (for small loads), and a Deep Fill option. To simplify the laundry process, this machine also has a Cycle Memory function, which stores the last-used settings so you can easily run the same cycle again.

With a capacity of 4.7 cubic feet and an agitator instead of an impeller, this machine may be a step down from the MVW7232HW, but its roomy wash drum is plenty large enough for most households. The machine also is smart-home enabled and can pair with the Maytag app for start and stop functions, cycle notifications, and troubleshooting. Plus, this machine also has a slow-close glass lid, which gives it an updated look.

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Get the Maytag 4.7 cu. ft. top load washing machine MVW6230HW at Best Buy, The Home Depot, or Maytag.

Our Verdict

The Maytag 4.5 cu. ft. Front Load Machine model MHW5630HW is an excellent front-load option for most homes, with a midrange capacity, reasonable price, and several dirt- and stain-fighting cycle options. For those on a budget, the Maytag 3.8 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer model MVWC465HW may be a better match; it has several impressive features at a lower price compared to most Maytag washers.

How We Chose the Best Maytag Washing Machines

A new washing machine is a major—and often pricey—purchase, so finding an effective, reliable, and long-lasting appliance is important. Maytag has an excellent reputation when it comes to washers, but not every machine is perfect for every home.

We compared more than 20 Maytag washers and researched product specifications, published ratings, and consumer reviews to narrow down our top picks. Since different homes have different laundry wants and needs, we included a variety of washing machine types, including large-capacity models, compact machines, and smart washers.

Washers with several useful wash cycles earned more points, although more affordable and basic models also had a place on our list. Across the board, the washers on our list had to have good cleaning performance, excellent ease of use, and decent energy efficiency. By sticking to these criteria points, we believe any one of the Maytag washers on this list would be a stellar fit for households of all sizes.


Narrowing down the best Maytag washer for your home can feel like a tough task, but the right washing machine will be a laundry room workhorse for years to come. When shopping for a Maytag washing machine, consider the common questions below.

On average, washing machines are expected to last around 10 years, a lifespan backed by Maytag’s 10-year limited parts warranty.

Noise levels vary from machine to machine, even among those from a brand like Maytag. When shopping for a quieter washing machine, consider researching consumer reviews to get a better idea of noise levels.

Yes, you can use laundry detergent pods in Maytag washers.

No. Although Maytag is now owned by the Whirlpool corporation, they still operate as two separate brands.

Maytag has a long and continuing history of manufacturing its products in the United States. While the brand doesn’t share exactly where each appliance is made, its manufacturing plants are located in North America.