These Wine Glasses Are Unlike Any Other, and 3 Other New Home Releases

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Tableware brand Lenox released a new line of wine glasses designed by Victoria James, the youngest sommelier in the world and the current beverage director at the Michelin-starred Cote. While most wine glasses are made to be used for specific grapes, these glasses were designed to be paired with wines based on their regions — whether they came from warm or cool areas. The warm wine glasses have a wider, deeper bowl, which allows wines to breathe, and because the warmer regions produce richer wines; the cool wine glasses are more dainty, with a smaller opening because the cooler regions produce more delicate flavors. Now if you happen to mix things up and serve the "wrong" wine in the glass, you'll be totally fine, especially since these wine glasses are absolutely beautiful.

Price: $80



One of the greatest food releases of 2021 was Cascatelli, a new pasta shape made by Sfoglini and conceptualized by Dan Pashman of the food podcast Sporkful. Banza, which makes pasta made from chickpeas, is now making Cascatelli, so it's gluten-free and higher in protein and fiber, while maintaining the three qualities of the perfect pasta that Pashman came up with: forkability, sauceability and toothsinkability.

These Wine Glasses Are Unlike Any Other, and 3 Other New Home Releases

Price: $25 for 6 boxes



Popular paint brand Backdrop released three new colors for its winter collection. First is McQueen, which is a jet black color with purple undertones; Stromboli Chess Club, which is a shade of cornflower blue; and Jawbreaker, which is a rosy mauve.

Price: $69


Lady White Co.Lady White Co.

Lady White Co. makes exceptional basics — like tees, sweats and more — all in Los Angeles. However to make its new hand and bath towels, LWC, as its affectionally known, looked to Japan. Imabari, Japan, has been setting the gold standard for towel production for the last 120 years, with many attributing its success to its use of water from the Sojagawa River. Apparently, the water from the river imparts towels with an exceptional softness unrivaled by other bath towels. Sure, it's just a basic white towel, but basic is best.

Price: $145


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