This big laundry mistake could be ruining your towels

Most of us have done the wash so many times that we barely notice loading and running the washing machine. However, there are certain rules which, if not followed, will damage your laundry, even if you own one of thebest washing machines. There’s the basic fundamentals, such as separating whites and washing jeans individually for the first time, but the rule we’re talking about is a little less known.

This big laundry mistake could be ruining your towels

You might be breaking this rule already and feeling the effects, but unaware of what’s causing it. It’s such a common habit that most will either ignore the damage or replace the items and start over again. Here, we reveal what’s being damaged in your washing machine and why.

Signs that your towels are damaged

The items in question we’re talking about are towels. Towels need to be durable and absorbent to keep up with our demands. Most of us use our towels quite aggressively on a daily basis — scrubbing our bodies with them and leaving them to air-dry between uses. When it comes to cleaning our towels, we tend to chuck them in with the rest of the load, but this is where you can make a mistake and end up damaging them.

So what does this damage look like? Essentially, you’re more likely to feel it than see it. Your towels will lose their absorbency, and won’t dry like they used to. It’s worth mentioning that when towels are brand new, they come with a pretreatment to make them feel soft and fluffy before washing for the first time. This will naturally wash off and shouldn’t be confused.

What’s damaging your towels?

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