This TikTok Trick Proves We’ve All Been Wrapping Our Towels Wrong Post-Shower

First, Singley shows us the common way we tie our towels (aka tucking in the excess fabric inside the wrapped material). And while his examples of parading around the kitchen were very unlikely for me, I connected with the struggle of this method, which usually only works 50 percent of the time.

So naturally, I had a "why didn't I think of that?" moment when he decided to tuck the excess fabric underneath the wrapped material instead. The video shows him folding his towel inward before moving around his bathroom. Even when the TikToker is seen running quickly, the towel still stays in place on his waist. (And no, this is not sorcery, we checked.)

One commenter said what we were all thinking, "This is so unnecessary but also so necessary."

This TikTok Trick Proves We’ve All Been Wrapping Our Towels Wrong Post-Shower

Of course, I'm always skeptical of any hack or trick that comes from the internet. I also came to realize that some of us actually wrap our towels across our chest. So...does this trick really work?

The first time I tried the hack, I failed miserably and I was ready to throw in the towel (sorry, not sorry). But after one more look at the video, it occurred to me that the length and thickness of the towel really matters. I reached for a longer microfiber one and saw that this trick actually worked. (And for a gal packing in the chest compartment, I was surprised it held up.) Just for proof that the trick really does work, I tried another towel for the third time. I was also not ashamed to channel my inner Singley and run around my apartment. (I'm glad no one was home to see it.)

Just to be 100 percent sure this TikTok trick got a PureWow stamp of approval, I even asked a few coworkers, who had mixed reviews on it. Yes, some towels work but not all. Explained one editor, "I actually started doing this trick a while ago, and it definitely does work. But I don't do it often because the towels I use are really thick, so it can be super hard to actually roll properly and just hurts my hands in the process."

So remember, not all towels were created equal, but once again, TikTok hacks prove to be ones we can always rely on.

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