10 Parent’s Choice items our readers love

You don't have to skimp on quality for affordability, mama.

By Motherly + WalmartOctober 4, 2019

Babies require a lot of stuff. From diapers, bottles, car seats, strollers, nursery furniture, babygear and more, it all adds up. Like, really adds up. The good news, mama, is that there are plentyof ways to save money, like knowing when to splurge and when to choose a store brand.

Luckily, store brands these days are actually kind of great. Take Walmart's household brand,Parent's Choice, which doesn't skimp on quality for affordability. Our readers have been loving the Walmart linefor products their babies go through quickly (diapers, wipes and formula) and the ones that aremore utilitarian (potty seats and step stools). They've uncovered the "secret" of howactuallyamazing the line is—and tipped each other off—creating a cult following of Parents'Choice loyalists.

Ready to save money, too? Check out some of their favorites below.

A mega box of 280 diapers may seem like a lot, but trust us, you'll be amazed by how many youactually need. These dermatologically-tested diapers are free of latex, elemental chlorine andbleach, making them safe for sensitive skin. And with 12 hours of leakage protection, you don'thave to panic when the wetness indicator turns from yellow to blue; your little one will stay niceand dry in the event that you're unable to swing an immediate diaper change!

Price: $36.38

Gentle enough for baby's bottom, hands and face, these wipes are made of 99% purified water withmoisturizing shea butter to soothe the skin. You get eight individual packs of 100 wipes to divvyup between your diaper bag, nursery, car and stroller so you can be prepared wherever yougo—and you can feel confident they'll be moist when you need them thanks to a convenientflip-top opening.

Price: $12.88

Available in pink, blue and white, this cozy blanket features an eye-catching zig-zag pattern onone side and teddy bear-like fluff on the other. But don't be fooled by its softness—thisblanket is a workhorse! It's the perfect size for a tummy time mat or a lightweight strollercovering, and it's made from easy-to-clean fabric that can be machine washed and dried.

Price: $10.87 - $11.24

Set the stage for a stylish nursery with this three-piece bedding set, complete with a comforter,fitted crib sheet and dust ruffle. Featuring a classic chevron design, the gender-neutral grey,white and aqua color scheme complements any decor, and you'll have extra money left over to splurgeon stuffed animals and toys.

10 Parent’s Choice items our readers love

Price: $24.43 (regularly $39.87)

This Non-GMO powder formula is nutritionally comparable to Enfamil Premium Gentlease, packed withDHA, vitamins and minerals to keep your child healthy. Made from partially hydrolyzed whey proteinand other ingredients that haven't been genetically engineered, the easy-to-digest formula soothesfussiness, gas and crying so you have a happy, full baby.

Price: $69.97

An affordable alternative to Similac Pro-Advance, this Non-GMO milk-based powder formula with ironoffers complete nutrition for baby's first year without any pesky genetically engineeredingredients or artificial growth hormones. DHA, lutein and vitamin E assist in brain and eyedevelopment, and a prebiotic similar to what's in breastmilk supports your infant's immunity.

Price: $69.97 (regularly $74.59)

When your kiddo is little, you'll need a step stool in almost every room: in front of the bathroomsink, at the kitchen counter, next to the bed. And when they're this inexpensive, you won't mindhaving them all over the house! And let's not forget the safety features, including a non-slipstepping surface (check out those cute grey stars) and skid-resistant rubber footing.


Bath time is good, clean—safe!—fun in this inflatable tub for toddlers that's ideal forsmall bathrooms. Simply deflate, fold, and hide it under the sink when you need to reclaim thespace. Adorned with colorful stars, stripes and squiggles, the tub boasts a cushy seat and headrestto make hair washing a breeze and an easy-to-read thermometer that keeps the water temperature"just right."

Price: $11.88

Even the most apprehensive toilet training tots won't mind sitting on this thick foam potty seat.Designed for the comfort and cleanliness for kids, the seat fits standard and elongated toiletseats and includes a storage hook… because parents have to sit on the toilet, too.

Price: $9.88

Toddlers will love the interactive design of this pint-sized potty: a hidden picture of a swimmingturtle is revealed when they successfully use it. When they're ready to transition to a regulartoilet, the potty does double duty (pun intended!) with a removable potty ring that can be used ona standard toilet seat.

Price: $11.94

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