18 Of The Best Bath Caddies For Some Serious Me Time

Hands up if during the 21 months or so, since lockdown restrictions first started in the UK, you've found a new appreciation for baths?

With a new-found respect for what we have, as well as the desire to really look after ourselves and our wellbeing while everything else seems to crumble around us, it's widely assumed people are wanting to make more time for baths and upgrade their bathrooms in the process. And, as many city dwellers who have moved around renting several flats over the years know know all too well, the luxury of having a soak in a bath come 7pm is second to none.

18 Of The Best Bath Caddies For Some Serious Me Time

With many spas and salons closed for months on end during lockdown, it meant many of us had to bring the self-care element of spas to our homes, transforming our bathrooms into at-home sanctuaries, allocating bath time to facials, hair masks, a glass of wine or Prosecco, and watching Netflix while reading our tablets simultaneously. And with restrictions continuing to loosen and tighten, we expect our love for the bath to not go away any time soon.

If you are fortunate to have a bath, you'll know how tricky it is to ensure your tablet doesn't drop in the bath or wine ends up getting mixd in with the bubble. And this is where bath caddies and trays come in.

Now wildly popular for anyone who enjoys a good bath, caddies can support books, iPads, wine, candles, incense and more to seriously upgrade bath time.

Take a look at the best bath caddies out there...