Can You Get Ringworm on Your Feet?

How to treat ringworm on the feet

If you think you may have ringworm, it’s a good idea to first see a doctor so they can rule out other skin conditions that may have similar symptoms.

Can You Get Ringworm on Your Feet?

Your doctor may be able to diagnose ringworm after a visual examination of your feet. They may also scrape off a small section of the infection to send to a laboratory for confirmation.

Ringworm isn’t serious, but it can be persistent. With proper treatment, it usually goes away within about 2 weeks. The most common treatment option is an over-the-counter (OTC) fungal cream, spray, gel, or powder.

If your ringworm doesn’t respond to an OTC treatment option, your doctor might recommend a prescription medication.

Several home remedies are commonly used for ringworm. These remedies rely mostly on anecdotal evidence and shouldn’t be used as a replacement for an OTC fungal cream.

It’s a good idea to consult your doctor before using the following treatment options to make sure they complement prescribed medical treatment: