Carscoops Porsche Carrera GT With A Cracked Tub Needs Someone To Save It

Prices of used Porsche Carrera GTs have more than doubled over the past 18 months, meaning it is now virtually impossible to get one for less than $1 million. This particular Carrera GT currently listed up for sale through Copart is probably the only one you could pick up for six figures.

Images of the mid-engined supercar show that it has sustained extensive damage across its front end. In particular, the driver’s side headlight has been damaged, as has the front bumper and the hood. No other damage is visible.

Carscoops Porsche Carrera GT With A Cracked Tub Needs Someone To Save It

However, a little bit of digging through the Rennlist forum reveals that the car was formerly owned by a member who claims that after the accident, a body shop determined that the carbon fiber tub had been cracked. Obviously, this is a serious structural issue and perhaps why the insurance company determined the car to be a total loss.

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Some tub damage doesn’t necessarily mean this Carrera GT is unrepairable. While mending the carbon fiber could be expensive, there are companies out there that repair carbon fiber and as long as the crack isn’t absolutely massive, we suspect the tub can be repaired for the right price. Given how valuable the Carrera GT has become, even spending a couple hundred thousand on repairs could prove to be a wise investment, depending of course on how much the car sells for.

The Copart listing adds that the Porsche has 8,384 miles on the clock.