Did Ingrid really upload on Upload Season 2?

The end of Upload Season 1 brought us the surprise that Ingrid chose to upload to be with Nathan. What was really going on in Upload Season 2?

When we found out that Ingrid had uploaded at the end of Season 1, there’s no doubt that we were shocked. Ingrid is smart, but she’s also selfish. Would she really choose to leave her life in the real world for a digital eternity with Nathan?

We quickly got the truth at the start of Upload Season 2. This truth brings up a lot of questions about the entire Lakeview system.

Ingrid didn’t upload in Upload Season 2

It turned out that Ingrid hadn’t uploaded herself to be with Nathan. Instead, she was using one of the suits and spent her whole time in the bathtub.

Did Ingrid really upload on Upload Season 2?

Nathan got clues of what was going on. Every now and then, Ingrid would just disappear and stare into space. This was when the real Ingrid had taken her suit off so she was no longer plugged into the virtual world.

There is a major question, though. Everyone running Lakeview thought that Ingrid had really uploaded herself. How had she managed to make it look like she was the real deal? It’s a huge security flaw if this is the case. After all, we know when people do upload, their avatars need to be drawn and created. Someone would have had to do that for Ingrid, but it’s clear that nobody did.

Does this mean anyone can pretend to upload? What happens if one of the LUDDs did this? They’d easily be able to take down the virtual worlds without anyone knowing what’s going on.

What was Ingrid’s plan in Upload Season 2?

If Ingrid didn’t really upload, what was she doing? It turned out that she was just trying to salvage her relationship with Nathan. She needed him to fall back in love with her.

In the real world, Ingrid had been growing Nathan’s head back. She was getting his body ready so that he could be downloaded and brought back to the real world. Of course, she would need Nathan to love her for that to happen. Once Nathan was in the real world, he’d be able to go find Nora, and Ingrid couldn’t risk that.

With the way things ended at the end of Upload Season 2, Ingrid clearly has work to do for her plan to play out. Nathan doesn’t love her anymore.

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