Does your bathroom really need a bath?

Having a bath may not affect the value of your house, although if space is available, it is a preferred feature to have and therefore, it could make selling harder. Baths are desired for a number of reasons, but particularly for families with young children.

Homes with three or more bedrooms are likely to have multiple bathrooms. If there is more than one bathroom and increased floor sizes, there would be an expectation for a bathtub or at least available space to install a bath.

There is a variety of bath sizes available on the market, including small-scale baths that can fit into narrower spaces. Italian bathware icon, Agape, has a collection of smaller sized bathtubs with reduced dimensions, which comfortably fit into spaces that are unable to accommodate a standard size bath.

Does your bathroom really need a bath?

Baths are appealing both functionally and in a design sense. With so many interesting shapes, designs and colours of baths nowadays, you can really elevate the look and feel of the bathroom. Our Agape bathware collection offers bathtubs that serve as beautiful but functional pieces of artwork, and also pair well with a decorative or minimalist basin. Recently, we’ve noticed that people are opting for a calming, spa-like design in their homes which can encourage relaxation.

When space is limited, baths can hinder the functionality of the bathroom space. As baths are not a necessity, it’s important to consider how often they’ll be used and if it’s worth the investment. This is a particular consideration if selling isn’t an immediate priority.

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