Frida Baby Launches New Bath Line - Designed with Parents in Mind

Enter Frida Baby's new bath line, specifically designed to give parents peace of mind through grow-with-me innovation and the brand's classic ease-of-use. Plus, the designs are clean, simple and seamless additions to any bathroom aesthetic, making them as pleasing to the eyes of parents as they are enjoyable to little ones. The following products are available now at Amazon, Target and

These four new products join the brand's existing line of grooming solutions, including the DermaFrida Skin Soother, DermaFrida Bath Mitt, BreatheFrida Bath Bombs, BreatheFrida Vapor Drops, Hair Detangler Brushes and Baby Head-Hugging Hairbrush + Styling Comb Set, making Frida Baby a comprehensive one-stop-bath shop for parents.

The launch of Frida Baby's new bath line comes at a time when talk of bathing - and not bathing - is at an apex. Hot off the tongues of celebrities is commentary on who is bathing who, when, how often, and why. Debates have ensued and the world is divided…not to mention, confused.

 Frida Baby Launches New Bath Line - Designed with Parents in Mind

To help clear the air, Frida Baby is releasing a parents' guide to navigating every will-they-or-won't-they wash time woe. The brand called upon pediatrician and mom, Dr. Mona Amin, to provide actionable advice to 50 everyday scenarios that parents face so that they can easily answer the question: "To Bathe or Not to Bathe?"Starting today, parents can now cleanse themselves of confusion, as the professional guide for ages 0-5 is available for free download from Frida Baby's website.

"There's no need to bathe your 0-5 year-old every day. Shooting for 3 times a week is a good baseline. Remember, bathing your baby too much can actually dry out their skin," Dr. Mona advised."Bathing can be a great part of a bedtime routine, so if you like it and your child's skin seems to be drying out, simply use lukewarm water and no soap!"

Parenting is messy, so whether it's a twice-daily or bi-weekly bath time that floats your rubber ducky, Frida Baby now has your bath time covered.