How to Bathe Babies during Winter?

Keep the toddler's pajamas or clothing laid out and ready to wear as soon as they are dry. Avoid getting into a position where one has to search for their garments while they are turning blue and complaining about the cold. Always have the bath time items and a fresh diaper on hand before putting the baby in the tub, as they cannot be left alone. Having the baby's pajamas nearby in the winter, one will be able to dress her as soon as she gets out of the bath, before she gets chilly.

How to Bathe Babies during Winter?

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To begin, wrap the infant in a hooded towel once he or she has gotten out of the tub. This will protect her from sickness by keeping her moist head covered. One can then start dressing the baby in a fresh diaper and clean pair of pajamas while keeping her head covered with the towel.

They might start shivering straight immediately if their hair is damp, so focus on drying the child's hair first, especially if he or she has long hair. Wet hair might make children feel cold for longer periods of time, even after they have been dressed up again. One can even use a hooded towel to aid in the initial drying of the hair.

Instead of giving a full bath, babies and infants can be given lukewarm sponge baths to avoid all the hassle. In this case, taking a clean sponge or a towel and then dipping it in lukewarm water should do the trick. Make sure to wring out the excess water. The sponge should be pressed all over the baby’s bodyand then a dry towel should be used immediately to dry out the baby’s skin.

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