I Couldn't Take Baths in My Tub Until I Found This $8 Product on Amazon

When I moved into my first adult apartment a few years ago, I had big plans. I was going to make my bathroom a pampering oasis, with a basket of Lush bath bombs, a selection of Jo Malone bubble bath products, and even some Rituals bath oil so I could regularly participate in my favorite stress-relieving indulgence. To my dismay, I discovered fairly quickly that my bathtub would not plug. The little switch meant to stop the water (and my expensive products) from going down the drain did zilch, and so I was left without being able to take a warm, cozy bath for a full year.

I Couldn't Take Baths in My Tub Until I Found This  Product on Amazon

While talking to my best friend Jen about how all of my nice bodycare items weren't getting put to use, she casually said, "Why don't you get one of those silicone stoppers?" and pulled up Amazon on her phone to show me the OXO Tot Tub Stopper ($8). My mouth practically hung open for a full 30 seconds before I thanked her profusely and immediately ordered it on Prime in my favorite color, aqua. I couldn't believe there was such a simple solution to a problem I'd been moaning about for over a year.

The stopper works by creating a watertight seal with the silicone mat that prevents your bath from draining with both the weight of the water on top of it and the suction cup-like bottom. I haven't had any problems using it since I first bought it and love that I can stick it to the wall of my shower when it's not in use. If you're not a fan of aqua, it also comes in navy, teal, and gray so you can coordinate it with your bathroom decor.

This stopper has been a total game changer for me, and for just $8, I definitely think it was worth it. Check out the product, ahead.