Ice Cream Trucks Are Banned In This State

Those of you who are into trivia know there's some pretty weird laws around the United States. For example, one law in Arizona prohibits donkeys sleeping in bathtubs, although they are allowed to stand in a bathtub (via Good Housekeeping). A law in Washington forbids the hunting and killing of Bigfoot, and another law in Virginia says you can't hunt any animals — except raccoons — on Sundays (via USA Today). All of these are kinda strange, right?

Ice Cream Trucks Are Banned In This State

Well, it actually gets weirder than Bigfoot-protecting legislature. Imagine you're sitting at home on a hot summer's day. The sun is beating down on you, and you'd like nothing more than a delicious, cold ice cream cone. In most states, if you live in a fairly suburban area, you might be lucky enough to catch the ice cream truck as it drives by. However, if you live in one particular midwestern state, you're going to have to find another way to cool off.

No ice cream trucks in this Iowa town

Hugo Goudswaard/Shutterstock

According to Only in Your State, ice cream trucks are banned in Indianola, Iowa. If you live in this town and you want ice cream, you have to go to an ice cream shop or find a parked food truck (via Microsoft News). But why on earth would ice cream trucks be banned to begin with?

Contrary to popular belief, the ban actually has very little to do with the racist origins of the ice cream truck tune. Rather, ice cream trucks were banned in Iowa in 1967 when a little girl was hit and killed after buying a sweet treat. Since then, many entrepreneurs have tried to get the ban lifted, arguing that "anyone can get hit crossing the street. It has nothing to do with the ice cream truck" (via Radio Iowa).

Whether or not ice cream trucks ever make a comeback, you can still enjoy store-bought or homemade ice cream. After all, ice cream is ice cream.