Interiors trends to look out for in 2022

Déjà vu decor: don’t worry, lots of this year’s trends will see you through in style next year

Katrina BurroughsThe Sunday Times

The headlines sound eerily like last Christmas, and in interiors trends too it’s a case of déjà vu decor — but for more positive reasons. Many of the looks we loved in the past couple of years will be sticking around for next season: the soft colours, the curves, the rattan and recycled glass, the nerdy luxe of a fabulous utility room. And these will be here to stay because our homes have been tweaked until we have become experts at what makes happy and practical backdrops to our daily lives.

The message of the moment is buy less but better, reflecting the focus on sustainability. The refrain designers are repeating is escape, whether that means homewares recalling hotel-style luxury, hippy festivals or Mediterranean holidays.


Interiors trends to look out for in 2022