Kentucky tornado: Two babies put in bathtub with a bible pulled alive from rubble

his is the incredible moment two babies were found alive in an overturned bathtub after being thrown into the air by a killer tornado.

During a horror storm that killed at least 92 last weekend, a grandmother said a prayer and hid 15-month-old Kaden and three-month-old Dallas with a blanket, a pillow and a Bible in the bathtub just before it was ripped out of the ground.

Clara Lutz told WFIE-TV: “Next thing I knew, the tub had lifted and it was out of my hands.

“I couldn’t hold on. I just — oh my God.”

Mrs Lutz, who had been hit in the back of the head by the water tank from the tub, said she began looking everywhere among the wreckage for the children.

“All I could say was, ‘Lord please bring my babies back safely. Please, I beg thee’,” she said.

Kentucky tornado: Two babies put in bathtub with a bible pulled alive from rubble

In bodycam footage police race to lift the overturned bathtub, finding the boy and girl alive. One deputy says “both of them are ok Ma’am” as he hands them back to a distressed Mrs Lutz.

“Praise God, Lord Jesus I love you,” she replies as the pair are returned to her arms.

Dallas had a minor brain bleed from hitting his head but the bleeding had stopped before Mrs Lutz arrived at the hospital, she said.

Hopkins County Sheriff Matt Sanderson said that deputies Trent Arnold and Troy Blue, along with members of the public Timmy Vannoy and Michael Crook, helped find and untangle the children from their blankets.

“Deputy Blue lifted the tub, Deputy Arnold removed the 15-month-old from the blanket, Michael Crook untangled the three-month-old and then Deputy Arnold and Michael Crook carried the children to their grandmother who was waiting in a patrol car back down the hill,” Sherriff Sanderson told the Weather Channel.

At least 92 people have been confirmed dead across multiple states after more than 40 tornadoes pummeled a wide area on December 10 and 11.

The most recent death was recorded in Lyon County, which had not previously reported any casualties.

The National Weather Service recorded at least 41 tornadoes, including 16 in Tennessee and eight in Kentucky.