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PERINTON, N.Y. (WROC) — The Pines of Perinton apartment complex will face compliance orders from the Town of Perinton Friday, if potential code violations at the property are not addressed in time.

A January fire at the complex destroyed 18 apartments, and 65 people were displaced as a result. Remaining residents voiced a number of concerns Monday, when State Senator Samra Brouk toured the property.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Residents who spoke to News 8 Monday said the fire left more people willing to listen to their safety concerns, some of which they say have been ignored for years.

Those issues, residents said, include pest problems, water damage, mold, missing fire alarms, and more.

The Town of Perinton identified three mouse infestations, peeling paint, a broken heater, a clogged bathtub, ceilings and walls in need of repair, a water leak, and a hot water issue in its notice to Pines of Perinton management.

Pines of Perinton given deadline to address potential code violations Subscribe Now
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A Pines of Perinton spokesperson, Ed Cafasso, says management received a notice from the town on Friday, February 18, giving them one week to come up with a “plan of action” to address potential violations. He says management has already given the town the required plan.

According to Cafasso, each of the issues reported in the six apartments noted by the town have been addressed already, or are scheduled for repairs.

“Of the 16 reported items, 13 will have been completed by the end of day tomorrow (Friday) when the painting is done on the kitchen ceiling at 66 Balsam, the hallway ceiling at 67 Balsam and the bathroom ceiling at 13 Locust Lane,” he said. As for the remaining three items, Cafasso said one repair was in progress Thursday, another will happen as soon as an order for a window is filled, and the third is scheduled for next week.

Cafasso also said all reported pest issues are treated on a weekly basis, and will continue “until the problems are resolved.”

The Town of Perinton tells News 8 it has been in contact with Pines of Perinton management, and expects to schedule reinspections of the involved apartments. If compliance orders are issued Friday, the Pines of Perinton will have another set deadline — usually 7 days — under which to make the remaining repairs.

If the remaining issues are not addressed in time for the deadline provided under the compliance orders, the owner of the apartment complex will be given an appearance ticket for each unresolved code violation, moving the case to Perinton Town Court.

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