Search location by ZIP code Pregnant mother loses child after tornado throws her and her children into field

Tornadoes have leveled and destroyed homes block after block in Mayfield, Kentucky, late Friday.

There were crumbled brick, twisted metal, uprooted trees and leveled homes and businesses.

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"Imagine your furniture, all your belongings in your house just flying around you everywhere," said tornado victim, Michael Bryant.

Damage in Mayfield is extensive. Bryant described the twister as the longest three minutes of his life.

Angela Wheeler was caring for her husband who is on dialysis when they got the warning and rushed into the bathroom

"Like everybody says, it was like a roar and it shifted the house where we were at and almost made us fall into the basement," Wheeler said.

They didn't fall but were trapped inside their home, which came off its foundation. They eventually escaped outside a window.

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As they crawled out, a family across the street was screaming for help. Their home was leveled and their 3-year-old son was killed.

Search location by ZIP code Pregnant mother loses child after tornado throws her and her children into field

In town, members of a Baptist church are trying to salvage what they can.

"I've seen a lot of things in my life from policing to ministry but this is the worst absolutely the worst," said Bobby Waldridge, of Yahweh Baptist Church.

People are also continuing to pray for a family in their congregation.

"We had a family of five. They were in their house and it was leveled," Waldridge said. "They found the wife and the four young boys in the field behind the house."

Her husband was buried in the rubble. They all survived but have significant injuries.

"The mother, she was pregnant also and she lost the child," Waldridge said.

Through all this tragedy, there is a strong sense of community. Volunteers are going door to door looking for anyone who may be trapped.

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Strangers are offering to lend a hand and all are vowing to be there for their neighbors as they learn they've lost more than just their homes.

"A lot of families are not as fortunate as you and I right now being here and just an immense lost of loved ones here," Waldridge said.

Right now, there is a lot of waiting, especially for families who have loved ones or friends who worked at the candle factory just outside of town that collapsed.

One woman we spoke to said her friend's fiancé was working last night and no one has heard from him.