Search location by ZIP code Rossen Reports: Testing 'as seen on TV' products

Have you ever seen a commercial about a product and thought "does that really work or is that just the magic of television editing?"


There are inexpensive products that claim to fix pretty expensive problems.

Search location by ZIP code Rossen Reports: Testing 'as seen on TV' products

WATCH VIDEO ABOVE: Our Chief National Consumer Correspondent Jeff Rossen is putting three of those products to the test to find out if they really work!

Interested in trying them out for yourself?

Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit: We bought this product for about $11 on Amazon. We took it to Prospect Auto Sales in Massachusetts to test it out with the general manager, Tony Pagliuso. In order to make sure the resin cures inside the chip or crack — you need direct sunlight. You can also use a UV light to move the process along. Here’s a link to the one we used or you can use this one that says it’s used for windshield repairs as well.

Flex Tape: We bought a few rolls straight from the Flex Seal website after finding there was a lot of variety on there but there are rolls of the tape on Amazon as well. If the repair you’re looking to fix is on the larger side or if you want to have extra, we recommend purchasing a larger roll (like a jumbo or max roll). Here’s a link to a package of two that might work for you.

Clog Removal Tool: Hair clogging your bathroom sink or tub drain? This tool does the dirty work to get it out. You can get a pack of 8 for about $8 on Amazon.