These 55 Products Are So Good, Reviewers Bought Them *Again* As Gifts

I have two of these in my own rotation,and I'm impressed not only by how well they stay in place and don't get over-sweaty and gross during workouts, but by how well they wash up and maintain their shape. The straps are super soft on your ears, too. I've gotten too used to straps chafing that I was surprised by what a difference this made.I also recently traveled cross country by plane wearing mine, and a lot of other reviewers praised it for being comfy on long flights!I gifted one of these to my dad for Christmas, too, and it's his go-to for walks and errand running. It's just an overall easier mask to breathe in (while still maintaining a tight fit and keeping the people around you safe!).

Promising review:"I have a BUNCH of masks, but I didn't love any of them. Some were good, others got put away in a drawer for emergencies. Then I took a chance on these because my softball-playing granddaughter uses this type of mask. OMG! This is a life-changer. It was so great, I gave one to my grandson and then ordered another for me as a spare." —stevesgurl

These 55 Products Are So Good, Reviewers Bought Them *Again* As Gifts

Type Of Fit:Around-the-ear loops

Pocket For Filter:No

Fabric Type:Iso-Chill fabric

Get it from Amazon for $24+ (available in five sizes and six colors; for reference, I'm wearing theSmall-Mediumabove).