Best men’s dress watch

Which men’s dress watches are best?

Dress watches add style and class while being a valuable piece for telling the time. There are times where a dress watch can be the missing or final piece to an outfit, or it can complement the style you’re wearing. They’re helpful for formal gatherings, business meetings, or when you’re at a simple kickback and you want to add a dash of class to your outfit.

We’ve seen watches evolve over the years, but one thing remains the same, dress watches can be an attention gatherer while also possibly being a collectible timepiece. If you are looking for a sleek-looking dress watch, the Citizen Watch Eco-Drive Axiom is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a men’s dress watch

Ensure that you know the various shapes that men’s dress watch faces can come in, not just round. Dress watch forms include rectangle, square and oval. The shape of the watch will depend on your preference and the look you’re seeking. It will also correlate to comfortability and what shape in which you think you’d feel most comfortable. Most people tend to go with round faces, but it’s good to know your options.

Besides shape, you’ll want to know the face’s display of the watch includes. The face may feature an analog clock, digital clock or both. If it’s a dress watch with smart features, research what features will be available for display on the face. Then there are also the bezels and dials on a watch, where you may want a watch with no bezels and bigger dials, vice versa or maybe you’ll prefer something with a unique setup. Just ensure that you know what the watch’s face will look like and what features it entails.

The common issue with buying watches tends to be the size of the band. The average width of most men’s watches is between 18 and 24 inches. Silicone and leather bands usually have enough levels for you to find the perfect tightness around your wrist. Metal bands, however, tend to be more difficult because there are fewer tightening options, and you’re limited to how adjustable the band is. But the benefit of a metal band is that if the band has metal links, you can check with the manufacturer to see if you can go or send the watch to a jeweler to get links removed or added.

What to look for in a quality men’s dress watch

If exposed to different elements, you’ll want your watch to be able to withstand those particular conditions. Depending on the material, a watch may have water resistance so that it can withstand it when you’re in the rain or a pool. Metal and silicone watches tend to have better water resistance than leather, although weather-proof leather is starting to become more common. Watches using cheaper metal materials may be prone to rust, while cheaper leather materials can shrink or wrinkle over time.

Having a watch with a scratch-resistant band is helpful, but the face needs to be scratch-resistant. Especially if the watch has a touch screen, having a watch with scratch resistance helps when you bump into people or objects, keeping the face and watch safe.

Best men’s dress watch

Watches with non-rechargeable batteries tend to last a fairly long time without having to replace them. Better quality watches tend to have better quality batteries so that you don’t have to worry about changing them frequently. But for more longevity, rechargeable watches are a lot more convenient than having to get an entire non-rechargeable battery replaced. Different rechargeable batteries include a solar-powered, wireless charge or directly plugging the battery to a power source.

How much you can expect to spend on men’s dress watches

Budget-friendly watches range from $60-$75, while mid-range watches cost $100-$300. If you prefer more of a luxury watch, those tend to have a starting price of $400.

Men’s dress watches FAQ

A. Choose a leather band that will match your leather clothing so you have a consistent look. Also, look for a strap that looks and feels comfortable.

A. Watches with a sleek, simple and modern look tend to go well with tuxedos. Styles such as thin faces and a single metal tone keep it simple while matching nicely with various attire. Another sleek look is the faces without numbers can complement the elegant lines of a tuxedo.

A. If you don’t want to wear something too fancy, then wearing something more subtle can be more suitable. Standard features like a leather strap, a classic white, metallic or blue face will be just enough while presenting a strong look.

What’s the best men’s dress watch to buy?

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Axiom Chronograph Watch

What you need to know: For a cost-friendly price, this watch displays an expensive look with a simple design.

What you’ll love: This option is solar-powered to recharge on its own without having to worry about battery replacements. It’s water-resistant up to 99 feet, so you’ll be fine with this watch in the shower.

What you should consider: It has been prone to scratching, so it may not be best when doing activities.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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Fossil Men’s The Minimalist Men’s Watch

What you need to know: These watches offer customization with complimentary engravings provided, as well as the bands being interchangeable.

What you’ll love: The geniune brown leather pairs well with the color palette in the face. It’s water-resistant up to 165 feet, so it’s suitable for short recreational swimming and showering periods.

What you should consider: The face casing may be larger than expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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Movado Bold Large Diamond and Gold Plated Mesh Watch

What you need to know: With a gold-tone plated design, this watch will garner attention and create a high-class look.

What you’ll love: It’s scratch-resistant, so it’s more protected against foreign objects. The gold-tone design makes the watch stand out while being able to wear with various outfits.

What you should consider: The price tag is high, and it may not be as suitable for casual wear.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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