Best Waterpik shower head

Which Waterpik shower heads are best?

One of the best ways to transform your shower quickly into a relaxing spa is by replacing the shower head. If your shower currently features a low pressure nozzle, try swapping it out for one that offers an invigorating flow of water delivered at a consistent temperature. If you are looking for one with variable pulse settings and a PowerComb stream for targeted extra rinsing, the Waterpik PowerPulse BodyWand Spa System with PowerComb Stream is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a Waterpik shower head

You should first decide if you prefer a single, combination/double or sliding bar shower head. A single use needs a shower head bracket, flexible hose and shower head for hands-free cleansing. If you prefer a fixed or handheld model, the combination option connects to the same water source that is split by using a diverter. When installing, be sure to put the fixed part at a comfortable height. A handheld sliding bar shower head is designed for hands-free use by docking the shower head and then sliding it up or down on the bar. Keep in mind the hose length should be about 60 inches so you can avoid feeling restricted.

Whether you opt for a handheld, fixed mount or rain shower, there are numerous shower heads to choose from. A rainfall shower with its continuous downfall of water is one of the most popular as it showers water from high above similar to gently falling rain. One with ionic filtering will soften hard water and be less harsh on your skin and hair. A cartridge filter shower head also softens hard water with its replaceable filter fitted to the water source. For a modern bathroom, you should consider a handheld shower head that resembles a stick to deliver a consistent spray with a contemporary design. Handhelds are also the best choice for bathing children or pets because they offer combined flexibility and control.

Today’s shower heads are designed to deliver the right amount of water without requiring more water. To achieve this volumizing effect, the models add air to the water with their smaller jets to help push the water out rapidly.

What to look for in a quality Waterpik shower head

When it comes to shower heads, there are so many spray settings that the choice may be overwhelming to decide which one is best. Think about which you will use and prefer most whether it’s massage, rain or water saving. Most allow you to switch easily among the settings so you can opt for one with multiple spray settings.

A shower head is available in a variety of different finishes from stainless steel, plastic and chrome to steel, bronze and brushed nickel. The most inexpensive option is plastic, but it is not recommended because it’s prone to crack and break into pieces if dropped. Metal models are a better choice for their strength and durability.

Most of today’s shower heads have silicone jet nozzles designed to reduce mineral buildup. They are easy to clean by simply wiping down while others can be “touch cleaned” with the press of a button.

How much you can expect to spend on a Waterpik shower head

A Waterpik shower head ranges in price from $30 for a fixed mount to $70 for more spa system features.

Waterpik shower head FAQ

A. No, but you can purchase a separate water filter for your shower head to reduce chlorine and other impurities. Many have a filter life of 10,000 gallons and are inexpensive and easy to install.

Best Waterpik shower head

A. Your shower head may have an accumulation of mineral buildup that needs to be cleaned. If there is a lot of buildup, you should consider replacing your shower head.

What’s the best Waterpik shower head to buy?

Waterpik PowerPulse BodyWand Spa System with PowerComb Stream

What you need to know: This massaging spa system comes with seven spray modes, an 8-foot metal hose and a power comb for targeted rinsing.

What you’ll love: The PowerPulse massage feature delivers double the pressure than other US market shower heads. This chrome finish spray system delivers a flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute, it is easy to install and the wand provides thorough rinsing.

What you should consider: Some users have said the water pressure is too light on the wand.

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon

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Waterpik 6 Spray Patterns 7-inch Drencher Wall Mount Adjustable Fixed Shower Head

What you need to know: This rainfall shower head offers a therapeutic strength massage and six spray patterns to choose from ranging from a relaxing rainfall to more invigorating massage.

What you’ll love: The rainfall head can be fixed mounted or mounted with an arm (sold separately) for ease of use. This stylish shower head is easy to install and features anticlog nozzles for simple cleaning.

What you should consider: This is a low-flow shower head and some reviewers have said the pressure is too light.

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond andHome Depot

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Waterpik Shower Head High Pressure PowerPulse Therapeutic Massage

What you need to know: There are seven spray settings with twice the massage force on this powerful shower head.

What you’ll love: From a water saving trickle to a full body PowerPulse massage, this shower head is designed to relieve stress with its massaging spray. It is easy to install and you can just rub the anti-clog nozzles to remove any mineral deposits.

What you should consider: Some reviewers have said this model isn’t as powerful as others.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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