Expat details the difference between Australian and US water temperatures

As anyone whose ever travelled or moved overseas will know too well, there’s nothing quite like the tap water in your home country.

American woman Tina recently moved to Melbourne and has been detailing the surprising differences between her new home and the United States on social media.

Joking it was the “American in Australia content that no-one asked for”, Tina who goes by the handle @coffeencrusts on TikTok, claimed the tap water was too “f***ing hot”.

“I have legitimately burned my hands several times,” she said in the clip posted last month which has been viewed more than 16,000 times.

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“You can make tea with it, it’s like f***ing hot – in the shower, in the bath, in the sink and it’s not just this house, it’s happened at restaurants, it’s happened at other people’s houses – why?

“I know in the States you can set a limit to the temperature, but here no-one needs water to be that hot, really truly, it’s too much.”

Her video got hundreds of comments from Aussies who had very, ahem, Australian responses to the issue.


Why so hot?? ##lifeinaustralia##americaninaustralia##melbourne

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“Down Under for a reason, we get a [sic] hot water directly from hell it’s more efficient,” one person commented.

“It’s because Americans sue if they get burned by hot water. Australians are smart enough to be careful,” another said.

Expat details the difference between Australian and US water temperatures

Other people implored Tina to “please don’t actually make tea with it” – prompting her to clarify the tea comment had been a “joke”.

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In another video this week, Tina said she had received a “lot of negative attention” for her hot water comments, stressing that she loves Australia despite the tap temperature not being to her liking.

Tina also revealed a baffling discovery she made while food shopping that day.

“That being said, we need to talk about the size of the green onions,” she said, holding up the “monstrosity”.


I mean 😳 ##americaninaustralia##lifeinaustralia##melbournemama##melbourne

♬ original sound - Tina

“I was casually strolling the grocery store for green onions tonight and I had to physically check my facial expressions because I stumbled upon this monstrosity … what in the world – look at this, it’s half my body. What is in the soil here?”

In response, Tina’s videos got dozens of comments from Aussies “so confused” that spring onions weren’t the same size in the US.

“We have sunlight in Australia, lots of sunlight,” one person wrote.

“I’m confused … do they look like chives in the US or something? They’ve always been that big here in Australia,” another commented.

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