Post-COVID, DOH Says ‘Equity’ Part of Moving Forward? New Report

On the heels of masks going away, vax mandates disappearing at public events and more easing of COVID restrictions, the WA State Department of Health has released a new 'blueprint' they want to use in the future. 17 pages of information.

It's called Moving ForWArd

On page 13, we find this item:

"As we forge on a path of coexisting with COVID-19, we must remember it is difficult to predict when the pandemic will truly end. We will continue with a path of recovery, resilience and hope for the future while encouraging people to do what they can to keep themselves and their communities safe."

It sounds as though DOH is almost hopeful this virus will not eventually dissolve or mutate itself into oblivion.

Buried on page 14 of this report is the following phrase;

Post-COVID, DOH Says ‘Equity’ Part of Moving Forward? New Report

"We acknowledge no plan would be complete without mentioning the numerous additional elements that go into achieving success moving ahead.

This includes supporting ongoing strategies for fighting misinformation, supporting the connection between global and domestic health work especially for vaccine equity, advocating for healthier environments including ventilation, incorporating newer strategies for response from elsewhere, investing in public health and the well-being of communities - and the list goes on."

In other words, based upon their previous attempts to muzzle opposing research, data, and valid information that should have been included in the COVID situation, they will continue to push a one-sided plate of information.

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The equity buzzword is also curious, much of Inslee's governmental agenda is wrapped around equity.Equality is creating equal opportunities and a level playing field for all. Equity is taking away from those who have, and giving it to those who do not.

Page 13 also has a phrase that reads like a voter's pamphlet brief for Gov. Inslee:

"Under the leadership of Governor Inslee, following the known science and data, we saved tens of thousands of lives throughout the pandemic. Washington State led the way through creativity, teamwork and constant pivots."

And finally, not sure when this is going to begin in our area, but DOH plans to expand wastewater monitoring to detect if COVID is 'rampant' in a community. Yes, they're going to be examining our feces for the virus.

"...This will be complemented by robust laboratory genotyping and disease detection efforts in ongoing monitoring for new variants of concern as well as the use of emerging strategies such as wastewater surveillance."

To read this whole report, click here.

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