The 3 Best Vitamin C Shower Filters

When you take a shower, your water quality can have a big impact on how you feel afterward — and if there’s chlorine in the water, you may be left with itchy skin and dry hair. Luckily, it’s easy to reduce chlorine and other impurities in your shower water by adding a filter. According to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Monitoring, vitamin C can reduce the amount of chlorine in water, and the best vitamin C shower filters are easy to install and maintain — and they’re available at prices that won’t wash away your budget.

There are two major types of filters to choose from. Inline filters are installed between the water pipe and your shower head, and the water is filtered on its way to the shower head. The benefit of this kind of shower filter is that you can keep your old shower head or buy whichever one best suits your needs. Alternatively, you can opt for a handheld shower head with a built-in filter, but this will require replacing your current shower head.

Many filters also remove other impurities, like heavy metals, which can irritate the skin. No matter which type of filter you prefer, there are several budget-friendly options below. However, you’ll need to replace the filter cartridge from time to time, so be sure to factor that into the overall cost.

Scroll on for my picks for the best vitamin C shower filters available on Amazon.

1. The Best Inline Filter

AquaHomeGroup 15-Stage Shower FilterAmazon

This inline shower filter can reduce chlorine and several other impurities in your water, like sediment and heavy metals, by working it through 15 distinct stages of filtration. It’s easy to install and can attach to almost any shower head. The filter also works without reducing your current water pressure. Best of all, this inline shower filter comes with a replacement cartridge and is available in six different chrome colors to match your specific bathroom decor. Additional replacement cartridges are sold separately, and they’ll need to be changed every four to six months.

The 3 Best Vitamin C Shower Filters

One positive review: “It's a joy to take a shower. The filter looks good with our chrome rain-shower head. It was super easy to install, and the packaging came with an extra filter.”

2. The Best Handheld Filter

Dominow Vitamin C Filter Shower HeadAmazon

This handheld shower head installs quickly on most universal shower arms. It utilizes replaceable vitamin C filters that not only lower chlorine levels in your shower water but also add a clean citrus smell to the water, too. This filtering shower head is able to maintain a water pressure of 2.5 gallons per minute while in use, and it reduces other impurities, like heavy metals and sediment, too. It can be disassembled for easy cleaning, which is generally recommended once a month to remove any blockages or build-ups that may occur. This set comes with mineral balls and a vitamin C lemon balm filter already installed — the lemon balm should be replaced monthly, and the mineral balls should be replaced every four months. Three vitamin C filter replacements are included, and according to reviewers, the shower head also comes with one refill of mineral balls. You can also purchase the vitamin C replacement filters separately.

One positive review: “After my first use I could already tell the difference in my skin and hair. It was very easy to switch out with my old shower head and the extra refills for the vitamin c cartridges and filter beads are a major plus.”

3. The Best Budget Shower Filter

SimPure Shower FilterAmazon

If you’re looking to spend a little less, this affordable shower filter is easy to install and comes with almost everything you’d need to set it up — all you need to do is bring the wrench. The inline shower filter features 15 stages of filtration that can reduce chlorine and heavy metals. The filter cartridge lasts for about six months, and thanks to the included replacement, that means you can expect at least a full year of cleaner water before needing to buy additional filters. While this option doesn’t have nearly as many reviews as the first pick on the list (and it only comes in one color), it’s still a solid choice for filtering your shower water.

One positive review: “This absolutely changes the quality of our showers for the better. It’s very easy to install and comes with any washers you may need, as well as Teflon tape.”

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