Try these 6 simple and creative spring cleaning hacks

People often dread spring cleaning because of how tedious it can be.

Lifestyle and parenting expert Sherri French joined Bob Cowan on Morning Live to demonstrate creative and simple ways to tidy up your home.

Dusting the Ceiling Fan

If you use a duster to clean your ceiling fan, the dust will fall onto everything below.

French recommended placing an old pillowcase over each fan blade and pulling it toward yourself to clean the dust off.

“All of that dust is going to stay inside of that pillowcase,” she said.

Filling Buckets with Water

Is your bucket too big to fit into your sink?

An easy hack is to use an open-ended dustpan and let the water fall from the dustpan into your bucket.

Paint Dripping Down the Can

Try these 6 simple and creative spring cleaning hacks

When painting the interior of your house, do you wipe the excess paint off of your brush and onto the sides of the can lid?

French said this will cause the paint to drip down the can and end up in places you don’t want it to.

Rather, use a thick elastic band and place it around the entire can in the middle of the open top.

To get the excess paint off, wipe your brush on the elastic and the excess paint will fall back into the can.

Cleaning Shower Heads

The tell-tale sign of a dirty shower head is poor water pressure.

To make sure it’s clean from hard-water buildup, pour white vinegar into a plastic bag and tie it over your shower head.

“Soak it overnight and it will be ready to run clean in the morning,” French said.

Storing T-Shirts

Do you store your t-shirts in a stack? When you do this, you never see what’s on the bottom and wear it.

French recommended folding your t-shirts in half and rolling them tightly. You can store them vertically and see every t-shirt that you own.

Iron Faster

When ironing a blouse or dress shirt, turn it inside out first. This way, the buttons are facing down and you can easily iron the entire shirt without having to navigate around the buttons.