Amazon shoppers praise 'genius' space-saving clothes drying product

One savvy shopper spotted a space-saving clothes drying rack online, and was quick to share details of the product with others.

Those who live in homes with limited space will know that drying clothes can present a significant challenge — especially during winter when hanging them outside isn't an option.

Fortunately, the "brilliant" product allows people to save take full advantage of all space available by hanging their wet washing on the back of a doors.

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It is a fold-out washing rack that has two hooks so that it can hang on the back of a door — and comes with three grills to maximise the amount of clothes that can be hung at one time.

Taking to the Cleaning tips and tricks Facebook group, they wrote: "Can't recommend this enough! No more drying clothes in the living room, taking up the floor space and having guests staring at our underwear. Can even close the door."

The user also revealed that they purchased the product on, but shared a link to a similar rack sold by Amazon.

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Amazon shoppers praise 'genius' space-saving clothes drying product

The Amazon listing for the Metaltex Gale Over-The-Door Laundry Dryer states that it is "perfect for hanging in those lost spaces in the home: behind a door or on the shower screen. With 3 folding grills".

Before long, the Facebook post had attracted more than 4,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments from other shoppers sharing their thoughts.

One wrote: "Love this - ideal when you have a small space & limited areas to hang washing- thanks for sharing".

A second said: "Looks a great product for people who don't use a tumble dryer. I would have bought this!"

"Wow need this in my life," commented a third.

A fourth enthusiastic Facebook user stated: "This is a genius idea! Thank you for sharing!"

"Wow what a brilliant idea gonna try this," a fifth shared.

However, not all members were convinced by the product — with some concerned that the wet clothes would damage doors.

One commented: "Does it not mark the doors? I had people in one of my flats they wrecked the door with one of these. It was a fire door cost a fortune to replace."

"Will the moisture from wet clothes not warp the door over time or cause mould with the condensation," a second concerned user said.

"Great idea altho do u have dehumidifier as this could lead to damp and mould," echoed a third.