Couple's two-year frustration at 'building errors' on 'dream' three-bed home

A civil servant and his heavily pregnant partner claim to have encountered a catalogue of building errors since moving into their new-build more than two years ago.

Doug McCallum and Charlotte Middleton, both 25, got the keys to the three-bedroom property in July 2017, but say they have been in dispute with developers Persimmon Home ever since.

They claim the upstairs toilet didn't flush properly and, after repeated attempts to fix this, an eight-inch metal rod was found stuck in the plumbing, according to Chronicle Live.

Since then, a hole in the ceiling and a leak at the home in Wallsend, North Tyneside, have angered the couple.

Charlotte, who is due to give birth on February 22, and Doug have now told of their frustration at Persimmon Home's service.

Doug said: "The new plumber cut a hole in my ceiling and took out the pipes and found an eight inch metal rod stuck in the bend of the pipe.

"I was shocked and outraged. Safe to say this definitely wasn't our fault.

"They have just been unbelievable. This is not what we thought we would be buying. The aftercare team are awful."

It took five visits from plumbers to discover the rod in the pipes, he claims.

A plasterer recently filled in the hole in the ceiling with Polyfilla but, due to it still being wet, he was unable to paint.

Doug has had to take several days off as annual leave for the appointments to get completed.

And in December, after forking out £1,050 for a shower and shower screen to be installed in their new build home, Doug noticed there was a leak coming from the bath.

Couple's two-year frustration at 'building errors' on 'dream' three-bed home

But when he contacted Persimmon he claims they told him they would not fix the problem after their two-year warranty expired.

He said: "I took the side panel off and there was quite a lot of water stains, so this had obviously been happening for a while.

"The leak was persistent. I explained to them about how it was obviously an incompetent plumber who was working on my house that day.

"I said I had purchased the shower for over a grand, and all of the issues we have had with that room but they weren't interested.

"The bathroom is over our living room and we were worried if it went through the ceiling downstairs."

Persimmon acted by sending out plumbers and a labourer to reseal the bath before fitting a new shower screen.

Despite the work now being carried out, the couple have said they will never use Persimmon Homes again.

Doug added: "They'd be lucky to get a one out of 10 from me for what they have put us through.

"We will definitely be moving house. We used to Help to Buy to purchase our home so after our first five years of interest free is up we'll be going elsewhere."

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes said: “We are sorry the customers are unhappy with the service they have received from Persimmon Homes.

"While we understand it is an inconvenience to have works carried out within a home we have acted swiftly to attend their concerns and to make good in a timely fashion.

“We had no reason to believe the customers were unhappy with the resolution of the plumbing issue, which was not caused by poor installation, but discovered to be debris in the soil pipe.

“We continue to deal with the customers directly and have, as a matter of courtesy, installed a new shower screen and offered advice on its effective use.

“Roads are surfaced in accordance with local authority planning agreements and Persimmon Homes is committed to surfacing private areas and roads as soon as it is appropriate to do so.”