DecorFlou Fascia by OmniDecor, up to the job

The possibility of approaching the realization of a project in a creative way is one of the most appreciated aspects by architects. In a market crowded by similar and undifferentiated products, having tools with a high rate of compositional flexibility allows the design of unique and distinctive architectural solutions.

DecorFlou Fascia is a product family of acid etched glass that fully meets a wide range of creative needs. It is partially etched float glass – only a portion of the surface is opaque while the rest is transparent – where you can customize the height of the opaque section or even the number of sections per sheet; it can be done on both clear and low-iron glass, on monolithic glass, as well as on laminated glass.

DecorFlou Fascia by OmniDecor, up to the job

Its unique characteristics make it ideal for the design of shower enclosures, partitions for offices and public spaces, parapets and balustrades. While making sure that enough light shines through, the central satin finish ensures privacy and discretion both in the bathroom and in shower cubicles, and in applications involving offices, meeting rooms, and public spaces.

The acid etching of DecorFlou Fascia glass does not degrade over time, it is scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprint, and does not accumulate dirt. Glass with adhesive film applied is absolutely no match.

While DecorFlou Fascia glass keeps its elegance unchanged over time, the film applied to glass – in addition to being more expensive – tends to peel off and suffer the insult of scratches. The option offered by screen printing and sandblasting is not anti-fingerprint and results in more rough and unpleasant finishes to the touch.

DecorFlou Fascia can be cut, polished, drilled like float glass and subsequently tempered.