DreamLine Launches New Shower Door Products, Expanding Bathroom Renovation Design Possibilities

WARMINSTER, Pa., Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DreamLine has released several new shower door products, all of which showcase some of the hottest trends in today's modern bathroom designs.

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DreamLine's Linea Collection includes a variety of stationary, single panel shower screens that truly exhibits the most cutting-edge appeal in modern shower door designs and provides the feeling of high-end luxury for any bathroom space. DreamLine offers the Linea in several glass design options, including clear, mirrored, stain black gridwork, and pixelated glass. Fully-frosted glass and rain glass options are also available through DreamLine's Custom Glass Group.

Pushing the limits of design, DreamLine has introduced the Linea Maze shower screen: a graphic, satin black linear pattern that creates a bold, maze-like visual to instantly bring character to any bathroom.This pattern is applied with DreamLine's patented JetGlaze technology, a specialized paint application that is extremely durable. The JetGlaze proprietary process sets DreamLine's products apart from other manufacturers that utilize a metal frame, making cleaning significantly easier.

Another new addition is the Unidoor Toulon offered as a shower enclosure and utilizes DreamLine's JetGlaze process, making the model one of DreamLine's most popular shower doors and a focal point of any bathroom remodel. The Unidoor Toulon showcases one of DreamLine's most popular patterns: a black windowpane grid pattern that creates a stunning, bold design feature without the hassle of extra maintenance.

 DreamLine Launches New Shower Door Products, Expanding Bathroom Renovation Design Possibilities

These new shower door product offerings from DreamLine will enhance any bathroom design while adding an elevated sense of luxury. DreamLine offers the largest selection of high-quality shower doors, tub doors, shower enclosures, and shower bases. With trend-setting designs, thousands of 5-star reviews, a limited lifetime warranty, and over 1 million shower doors sold, DreamLine is your bathroom project partner!

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Headquartered in Warminster, PA, DreamLine is a market leading, technology-driven designer, manufacturer, and marketer of premium shower products including frameless glass shower doors, shower enclosures, tub doors, and acrylic shower bases. DreamLine offers over 5,000 products across over 60 models including top selling frameless shower doors. For more information please visit www.DreamLine.com

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