Falling object lights up the night sky

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Did you see it?

Carthage, Texas, resident Juliah Bandy says her Ring doorbell camera captured this video about 9 p.m. July 25, 2021

A glowing object falling from the sky the night of Sunday, July 25?

Some think it was a meteor.

Carthage, Texas resident, Juliah Bandy’s, Ring doorbell camera captured video about 9 p.m. of what appears to be a fireball streaking across the sky then appearing to explode in a burst of light.

Now, she’s sharing the video with other KSLA News 12 viewers.

Falling object lights up the night sky

Social media also is abuzz with posts by KSLA News 12 viewers in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and elsewhere in Texas who say they saw it too.

One KSLA News 12 viewer swears she saw something fall into Cross Lake.

That has not been confirmed, nor has there been any official word on what the falling object is.

But if a meteor did hit the lake, or the ground, it then would be a meteorite.

There is reason to believe this was a meteor. One reason is because the Perseid Meteor Shower has kicked off this year. It started back on July 17. While the peak for the meteor shower will be in mid-August, these shooting stars will be visible from now until late August.

It’s also expected to be one of the brighter meteor showers in recent years. The reason for that is because the moon will not be getting in the way. The moon will only be 13% illuminated, but will also be setting before the peak on the night of Aug. 11.

KSLA’s sister station, KLTV, reports that NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office says the meteor was not part of the Perseid shower, but rather was a random event.

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