Julia Fox Turned Her Low-Rise Jeans Into a DIY Bra Top

True to form, Julia Fox found an unconventional way to hop on the low-rise-jeans trend. On March 17, Fox was spotted in LA rocking an all-denim outfit, complete with a makeshift bandeau top and an over-the-shoulder bag that were once a pair of jeans. She created the top in question using the leftover scraps from her low-rise jeans, essentially turning a simple swath of fabric into a bra top. She posted the DIY tutorial to Instagram on Friday, encouraging her followers to break out the fabric scissors.

"Low waisted pants tutorial!" Fox captioned the video. "I also used what I cut off to make the bandeau. It makes for a really cute set and it's easy and honestly now that latex is kinda played out, denim, you're all I have left. Also for the zipper you have to put crazy glue at the top to keep it from sliding off!"

Julia Fox Turned Her Low-Rise Jeans Into a DIY Bra Top

During the tutorial, Fox used a highlighter to mark an inch under the front pockets and about a half inch above the back pockets of her high-waisted jeans. Using a pair of fabric scissors, she then cut through the zipper of the jeans, starting about an inch above the base of the zipper. Finally, she slowly snipped her way around the pants. The finished product was a pair of raw-hemmed, low-rise jeans with enough leftover waist fabric to create a tiny top that relied on the grace of gravity to stay up.

Fox styled the look with knee-high denim boots in the same shade as her spontaneous two-piece.

While fans may not be rushing to re-create this rather dubious jean hack, you can't argue that it's pretty inventive. Leave it to Julia Fox to take the low-rise trend to a level no one saw coming.

Get a look at Fox's DIY outfit from all angles here.

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