Mrs Hinch fan posts £1 cleaning hack for getting glass shower tiles sparkling

We've seen plenty of cleaning hacks in recent months.

Recently, a simple trick for removing shower limescale went viral as all you need is vinegar and bag.

Meanwhile, one Mrs Hinch fan posted a tip for removing yellow stains from your pillows.

Now another anonymous user from a Mrs Hinch group on Facebook has received a number of tips after asking for help.

She wanted advice to tackle the hard water stains and soap scum on her glass shower tiles.

Posting on the popular social media group, the woman initially wanted some advice for tackling her glass tiles.

Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below...

Mrs Hinch fan posts £1 cleaning hack for getting glass shower tiles sparkling

She wrote: "I have glass tiles which is the most annoying thing to look nice, and soon as I clean it it's streaky again.

"I just used a steamer on it but it looks worse. How do you make these look nice?"

Group members rushed to share their tips in the hopes of helping the woman.

One user recommended a "miracle" cleaning product which costs just £1 from the supermarket.

They said Cif original cream cleaner was the answer to their prayers.

The user added: "I use Cif non-smear on mine and it always looks fab. It's brilliant and smells gorgeous."

Another person recommended car screen wash as it "keeps them shiny".

Meanwhile, a third commented: "I saw on another post that glass cleaner works. I tried it and it worked well."

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