Mum makes shower screen sparkle with simple Fairy Liquid hack

A mum has revealed a simple hack to get her shower screen sparkling – Fairy washing up liquid.

But before you throw the soap all over your bathroom, she says the way you use it is important to get the best results.

Posting in an Australian cleaning group on Facebook, the woman explained that she filled a spray top bottle with warm water and squirted some Fairy in after.

She was very careful not to shake the solution as she sprayed it over the glass.

She then left it to soak for 20 minutes before wiping it with a soft, no scratch sponge.

The woman says she watched the soap scum ‘disappear’ in front of her, leaving the screen gleaming.

Although Fairy has been around in the UK for over 50 years and is a brand leader, it was only released in the Australian market in 2011 and isn’t as well known there, so the woman wanted to share the hack with others.

Mum makes shower screen sparkle with simple Fairy Liquid hack

While you’re much more likely to have heard of it in the UK, you’ve probably not thought to use it in the bathroom before.

The woman captioned the pictures showing the shower screen after she cleaned it: ‘Absolutely outstanding result on my bathroom this morning’ and described Fairy as ‘hands down the best cleaning product ever’.

People loved it and were impressed with the results.

One said: ‘I have severe shower screen envy.’

Another added: ‘This is magic.’

Someone else said: ‘Right, off to buy Fairy dishwashing liquid.’

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