Mum shares unusual cleaning hack which leaves shower screens spotless

A mum's cleaning hack for leaving her shower screen spotless has taken social media by storm.

The woman, who is a member of Mums Who Clean Facebook group, revealed that she uses Cif Cream Cleaner on her shower glass - and it does a pretty fantastic job.

But she doesn't complete the task with a sponge or cloth. The mum said she instead places a plastic bag over her hand to wipe the surface clean.

Gushing over how well the trick - which requires no scrubbing - works, the mum wrote on Facebook: "So I was told about this hack to clean shower screens and decided to try myself, OMG!

"Sprinkle some Jiff onto your screens and get a plastic bag, yes you heard that right, wear it like a glove and wash your screens. It works!

"It keeps it clean for so long! And it is so easy - no scrubbing needed and nothing else to clean it with.

"Try it and thank me later!"

The mum added that it is important to wet the screen first, use the plastic bag method, and rinse again afterwards.

Fellow members of the cleaning group praised the tip and were keen to try out the hack for themselves.

"I'm definitely trying this," one woman wrote.

Mum shares unusual cleaning hack which leaves shower screens spotless

"I use Jif all the time but will use a plastic bag and see what that does," another commented.

While a third added: "I have never used anything other than Jif to clean my shower – love it!"

Looking for another cleaning hack?

A fan of Mrs Hinch recently revealed on social media how she defrosts her freezer in less than 30 minutes.

She wrote: "Don’t you just love ‘defrosting freezer day?’ Job done in 30 minutes! And I get to re-list everything that’s going back in. Happy days!

"Ladies, for all of you that asked how it was so quick to defrost, use your hairdryer with a towel and a bowl on the bottom of your freezer. Honestly done in no time!"

Fellow members and cleaning fanatics loved the genius tip, and it inspired others to share how they use the hairdryer to get the job done quickly.

One wrote: "Bowl of kettle water and hot towels shut the door for 20 mins, finish off with hairdryer.

"Food can be bagged up and kept at the back door especially in this weather then all cleaned and back in 60mins."

"Use a hair dryer, it's done in no time," a second said.

While a third added: "I have put a washing up bowl of hot water in the freezer before and closed the door and used a hair dryer. Done in no time."

Sounds good to us!