Perth boy Cruz Varrone shows scars after shocking shower screen explosion

Rob ScottThe West Australian

Four-year-old Cruz Varrone has scars for life after a shower screen explosion put him in hospital.

Cruz was badly cut when shards of glass rained down on him, the result of of a shower screen shattering last week.

He had been using his finger to draw on the glass screen when it exploded, causing wounds so deep they could easily have sliced through muscle and tendon. The aftermath involved two-and-a-half hours of plastic surgery and dozens of stitches, which remain in his body.

Perth boy Cruz Varrone shows scars after shocking shower screen explosion

“It was horrific — I've never been through anything like it,” Cruz’s mother Megan Tilbury told 7 News Perth.

“I was just screaming to my older kids get me another towel, get me another towel because the blood was just gushing everywhere, my jumper was just soaked in blood.”

The screen met Australian safety standards, with the glass toughened and professionally installed.

Ms Tilbury said it was only through luck that she didn’t have a second child in hospital, as Cruz’s brother Luca had been standing next to him when the accident happened.

Cruz’s injuries follow another frightening episode in Kalamunda, where a young friend of Teegan Stewart’s two-year-old son was also cut by a shattered shower screen.

Max was covered in tiny shards of glass, seconds after Ms Stewart’s son Jenson had been moved out of the shower to go to the toilet.

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