Perth mum warns that shower screens are ‘ticking time bombs’ after young boy is cut by shattered glass

A second Perth mother has alerted parents to the “ticking time bombs” in their bathrooms after her friend’s child was covered in lacerations from a shattered shower screen.

Kalamunda mum Teegan Stewart said two-year-old son Jenson was playing with toys in her shower cubicle with his friend Max in April when the glass spontaneously shattered.

The boys were under the supervision of a friend who, only seconds earlier, had moved Jenson so he could use the toilet. However, Max, who was still in the shower, was cut with tiny shards of glass.

“I was just like, ‘call an ambulance’. They were covered in glass, it was everywhere. There was blood all over the wall, it was pretty bad,” Ms Stewart said.

“(Max) he had been screaming for quite some time. The footage where he is screaming hysterically was an hour after it had happened.”

Ms Stewart said the shattering glass spread so far, it even managed to cut her daughter who was at the other end of the bathroom.

“My five-year-old daughter was sitting on the edge of the bath at the time and a piece of glass flew across the bathroom and landed on top of her foot,” she said.

Perth mum warns that shower screens are ‘ticking time bombs’ after young boy is cut by shattered glass

The shower screen had been installed in Ms Stewart’s as part of a bathroom renovation only nine months earlier.

After the glass shattered, Ms Stewart contacted Bunnings Warehouse, where it had been originally bought, and called for compensation.

She said the company agreed to foot the bill for a glazier to replace the shower screen.

The mother said she wanted to warn other parents of the dangers of shower screens.

“They’re ticking time bombs,” she said.

“The scary thing is you could be renting a house and you don’t know what type of shower screens have been put in

“I’ll replace my shower screens whenever I move now.”

Last week, four-year-old Dianella boy Cruz Varonne required surgery after a glass screen shattered while he showered.

The Building Commission is investigating the incident.