Professional cleaner reveals the VERY unlikely supermarket buy you need to transform your shower

A professional cleaner has revealed the very unlikely supermarket buy you need to give your shower its best clean ever.

Sharing on TikTok, Melbourne company The Big Clean Co explained that dishwashing liquid is the only product you need to transform your shower cubicle.

Watch how her dishwashing liquid shower hack works in the video above

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While there are scores of specific bathroom and shower cleaning products available to shoppers, the professional cleaner said she prefers to use dishwashing liquid on tiles, grout and screens.

In her video, the expert explained her shower cleaning technique.

“Here’s how a professional cleans a shower,” she said.

“First we remove everything. Cleaning is so much easier when things aren’t in the way.

“But don’t forget to wipe down those shampoo bottles too.

Professional cleaner reveals the VERY unlikely supermarket buy you need to transform your shower

“Then we wipe the whole shower down with dishwashing liquid and we do all the hinges and chrome.

“This shower gets cleaned weekly, but if it was a deep clean we would brush these bits.

“Then we grab a grout brush and we scrub.”

The professional said she then simply rinses the area off with water and the job’s done.

“When we use dishwashing liquid, we don’t even need a glass cleaner,” she added.

TikTok users praised the expert’s simple hack, with her video attracting a whopping 4.3 million views.

In an earlier video, the cleaner rated Morning Fresh, Glitz - available from Bunnings - and her own product as the best dishwashing liquids on the market.

“I started using dishwashing liquid on my shower after I saw your last video about it, I have you to thank for it!” said one.

Added another: “My mum used to clean in Buckingham Palace and always raves about cleaning with simple dishwashing liquid.”

Wrote a third: “Yes, I love seeing people give dishwashing liquid the glory it deserves. I use it for so much!”

Said one more: “Now this is a game changer! Can’t wait to try.”