Avatar The Last Airbender: 10 Quotes That Prove Toph Is A Badass

While Toph Beifong wasn't introduced until season 2 episode 6 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the fierce and witty earthbender quickly became a vital part of Team Avatar and a fan favorite. Toph's blindness never stopped her from being the most powerful earthbenders of her time.

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Throughout the show we see the Toph's strength, both emotionally and physically as she finally gets the chance to be herself, away from her family. With her quick wit and badass personality, there are many great quotes from Toph over the 3 seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Blindness Isn't Just About Sight

Witty remarks involving Toph's blindness aren't exactly rare in Avatar: The Last Airbender and are usually thrown around in a lighthearted way, but this one isn't meant to be a funny quip.

After Team Avatar turned away firebender Zuko, Toph offered this remark as a criticism, knowing Aang still needed a firebending teacher and Zuko could be useful to them if they just saw the bigger picture as she did.

When She's Unafraid To Be Silly

During training for Aang's fight against Firelord Ozai, the team puts together a dummy with a melon for a head to stand in as the Firelord, and Toph is assigned to play the part. When Toph gets a little carried away with her part, she delivers this iconic line, naming herself Melon Lord.

While not known for being the humorous one of the group, this line is proof that Toph also has her comedic moments.

Her Blindness Isn't Her Limitation, But Her Strength

As the team watches a meteor shower, Toph delivers this line to let the team know how unimpressed she is with it. Toph has always embraced her blindness, seeing it as strength and using it as a punchline in her own jokes and remarks.

Toph's blindness wasn't her entire identity and overall she's a well-rounded character. But it wasn't completely ignored either. Toph has demonstrated numerous times that she is the strongest female character in Avatar: The Last Airbender and the most powerful earthbender in the world. Avatar The Last Airbender: 10 Quotes That Prove Toph Is A Badass

When She Acknowledges Her Own Strength

Toph gave Aang the nickname twinkletoes due to how light he was on his feet. Earthbending didn't come easy to Aang and he struggled to learn the skill. Toph is a tough teacher as well, gentle teaching is not her style. After Aang stood his ground against a saber-tooth moose lion, Toph said this to Aang, who finally makes some progress.

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This is a prime example of how Toph sees herself. As such a badass character, Toph knows she's a force to be reckoned with so when Aang stands up to her, she knows it is impressive and uses it as a teaching moment.

She's Never Unsure Of Her Abilities

One of Toph's best episodes starts with her capture by two men who lock her in a metal box, something earthbenders can't bend their way out of. After some rude taunting, Toph invents metalbending and breaks free, locking the men in the box she freed herself from before reminding them that she is the greatest earthbender in the world.

Toph knows her worth and she has proven time and time again that she is the most powerful earthbender in the world. On top of that, she discovers metalbending, which was once thought to be impossible, further proving how powerful (and badass) she is.

When She Takes Her Newfound Freedom By The Horns

After the team is told they are not allowed to put up missing posters to find Appa, Aang grows angry and decides he is going to find Appa no matter what. Toph enthusiastically joins in, exclaiming this before earthbending a hole in the side of the house.

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Toph has a bit of a rebellious nature, which isn't hard to believe after the way she grew up being treated like a small and fragile girl because of her blindness. She wants to break free from the controlling family she grew up in and run off with Aang and the team because she knows she is capable of great things.

When She Shows Off Her Amazing Lie Detection Skills

Toph says this line when Katara denies having feelings for Jett, but it isn't the only time Toph reminds people that she can tell they are lying.

Aside from her creation of metalbending, she also has the amazing ability to tell when someone is lying simply by the vibrations that come from the earth under their feet. This helps the gang out in several situations, but also gives fans the tragic truth about what happens to Jett.

Toph Takes On People Twice Her Size

After rising quickly through the ranks for a chance to challenge Toph, Boulder is apprehensive to go up against a young blind girl, but his apprehension is met with this line from Toph.

This line is Toph's iconic first line, showcasing her confidence and badassery right from the start. It is quite fitting that Toph's first line of dialogue is trash talk.

When She Isn't Afraid To Face Problems Head On

This quote is another one that comes from Toph's teaching lessons with Aang. When Aang offers the idea of going at a boulder he tried to move from a different angle, Toph says this before breaking the boulder with her head.

This is another example of Toph's tough teaching style and shows how much of a badass earthbender she is. This also shows how Toph approaches problems or difficult tasks: head-on.

Finally Getting To Tell Her Parents Who She Really Is

Toph grew up being sheltered by her parents, who felt like they had to protect her due to her blindness, but that just wasn't Toph. This quote is Toph telling her parents about her secret identity.

This is proof that Toph is not only badass but incredibly brave. Her parents had been a roadblock for her to live the life she wanted for herself, but with this line, she broke free.

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