Celebrity Big Brother: Todrick Hall Finally Breaks His Silence

Celebrity Big Brother 3 contestant Todrick Hall finally broke his silence about his time on the show, nearly three weeks after the finale aired. Todrick, who came in second to his final 2 partner, Miesha Tate, was caught off-guard by the jury's cold and angry reaction to him on finale night. As the jury members left the house, they were able to watch the show, and many of them were disgusted by Todrick's behavior. They felt that his personal attacks on contestants such as Chris Kirkpatrick and Shanna Moakler were uncalled for, and went beyond Big Brother game tactics.

One of Todrick's most controversial moves of the season was when he orchestrated Shanna's eviction by exaggerating and lying about her role as a double agent in the game. In Big Brother, a move like this might usually be respected and lauded as superb gameplay, but Todrick's attacks against Shanna's character made fans cringe. When Carson Kressley was evicted and found out the truth about what was going on in the house, he was devastated and immediately issued an apology to Shanna, which she accepted. On finale night, all of the evicted houseguests except for Cynthia Bailey voted against Todrick. Cynthia was evicted just moments before the live vote, so she had not yet discovered the truth. When Miesha and Todrick left the house, the other houseguests snubbed them, making for a tense and awkward season finale. Viewers who watched Todrick with shock and disgust as he made controversial comments on the live feeds wondered if he would apologize. However, Todrick's response was to go radio silent, canceling all of his interviews and avoiding social media. When he did return to Instagram, he acted as though his time on Celebrity Big Brother had never happened, and only posted about his upcoming tour.


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In a lengthy post on Instagram nearly three weeks after the finale, Todrick finally addressed his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Todrick began the post by saying, "This has been the hardest month and 1/2 of my life, but tonight my 7th World Tour kicks off in Seattle." He explained that he had not been avoiding the press because he was "afraid to comment" on his experience on Big Brother, but "more to protect myself and my mental health to make sure I could actually get my show on stage and fulfill my obligations to my fans and my PAID employees." Todrick might have emphasized the word “paid” because some people have accused him of not paying his employees in the past. Todrick went on to say that he has no desire to prove himself to the people who were never rooting for him to begin with, but he did want to let his fans know that he will comment about his experience once his show opens "because I feel you deserve it."

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Todrick then thanked "everyone who watched and supported" him when he was in the Big Brother house. He said that it was the most difficult thing he has ever done, but he is glad that he did it. Todrick shared, "I am a human being, a real one…I’m not always nice, not always kind nor have I ever claimed to be. I’m very flawed, I’m a work in progress, but that’s the beauty of being human. I have made a ton of mistakes in my life and I will continue to make mistakes, some publicly and some privately." Todrick said that on his tour, he will shower those who were loyal to him and his team with love. He said that without them, "I wouldn’t be living out my truth on stage representing my community the way you’ve allowed me to." Todrick concluded the post by saying that he "will address things in my own way and in my own time," and said that he loved all of his fans and he cannot wait to see and meet them on his tour.

Todrick's behavior during and after Celebrity Big Brother 3 has turned many people against him. However, his loyal fans have stood by him and will continue to do so throughout his tour. Perhaps if Todrick would issue a sincere apology for his words and actions in the game, much like Carson did, then people would forgive him and move on.

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Source: Todrick Hall/Instagram

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