Everything Elden Ring's v1.03 Patch Just Added

FromSoftware has released a number of patches for Elden Ring since its release in late February, but the newest, v1.03, is its biggest yet. The new update for Elden Ring includes much-awaited bug fixes and balance changes, as well as quality of life improvements to NPCs and quests. It has also added a new NPC, Jar-Bairn, who joins Alexander as another of Elden Ring's charismatic (but occasionally menacing) Living Jars.

Elden Ring was released to wide acclaim in February and has quickly become FromSoftware's fastest-selling game of all time. Despite its strong reception, however, there have been some notable performance issues on both PC and consoles. Bugs have also been a regular fixture while exploring Elden Ring's Lands Between, although nowhere near the scale of other more recent AAA releases like Battlefield 2042. FromSoftware has introduced several patches following Elden Ring's release to address the more problematic bugs, but this most recent update is the first to add new content.


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As detailed on the official Bandai Namco Entertainment website, the latest Elden Ring patch has introduced specific balancing tweaks as well as new quest phases for NPCs such as Diallos, Nepheli Loux, and Kenneth Haight. Tarnished will also be given the opportunity to summon NPCs at more boss encounters, making some of the more difficult fights slightly easier. Some of the more overpowered abilities, such as Elden Ring's broken Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War, have been nerfed, while spirit summons like the Mimic Tear have also had their effectiveness reduced. This should prevent Tarnished from relying too heavily on one particular ability to fell great enemies, as well as bring improved balance to PvP encounters in multiplayer, although it appears as if the overpowered Moonveil Katana lives to fight another day, as it goes unmentioned in the patch notes. Everything Elden Ring's v1.03 Patch Just Added

What's New In Elden Ring's v1.03 Patch

The new additions introduced by FromSoftware in the v1.03 patch are all mostly NPC-related and should make navigating their respective questlines easier than it was shortly after release. The newly added ability to display NPC locations on Elden Ring's map once encountered should enable players to focus on specific questlines they're particularly engrossed in. The addition of more summonable encounters is also a plus, as fighting alongside a particular character can help make the experience of tackling a boss a little less daunting. Given how fun Living Jar Alexander was to interact with, the addition of Jar-Bairn to Elden Ring's NPCs could also be a great one. Here's every new feature included in Elden Ring's new v1.03 update:

Everything Elden Ring Fixes & Changes In Patch V1.03

Some of the nerfs and balance tweaks introduced in the v1.03 patch should make certain moves and sorcery abilities in Elden Ring less effective than they were at release, which may lead to some Tarnished respeccing their abilities to compensate. Higher FP costs for certain sorceries and the weakening of the Hoarfrost Stomp and Mimic Tear are the most significant balance changes, but it may have the positive effect of encouraging more players to try out different summons, abilities, and even playstyles. Bug fixes, meanwhile, should also improve the overall gameplay experience. Here's every balance tweak and bug fix introduced in the new v1.03 update:

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Although there are still aspects of Elden Ring that could probably still benefit from being tweaked, these balance changes and bug fixes are welcome. PvP invasions in Elden Ring should be made more interesting now that invading players won't be able to rely on certain Ash of War or sorcery combinations at least, and there's always the chance that it may encourage players to branch out their playstyle in single-player. The new NPC additions, meanwhile, should make it easier to keep track of all the various active questlines a Tarnished has encountered during their journey in the Lands Between. Either way, it's likely that FromSoftware will continue to introduce bug fixes and balance tweaks in Elden Ring as more player data comes in.

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Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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